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Just a FYI. This woman is giving birth NOT taking a shit. This is an old repost and I know one of them has the story link in it.

Steorra 09/27/2012

This week on "I didn't know I was pregnant".

Kogusoku 09/27/2012

I gave birth in my car and this makes me cringe.

beccainblue 09/27/2012

Sydney seems grossly over-represented when it comes to photos of people vomiting/shitting on trains.

wearemonte 09/27/2012

Definitely Mount Druitt.

-Davo 09/27/2012

"Today is going to be different. Today is going to be better." - The Train Seat, earlier that morning

pcbforbrains 09/27/2012

A filthy railcar is one of my top three birth plans. Just under Dolphin Births and a McDonald's toilet.

WhoLovesLou 09/27/2012

Don't worry, she's just getting some drugs from her asshole.

mrTlicious 09/27/2012

'Straya, cunt.

McBitch 09/27/2012

If I fits, I shits.

BlazePT 09/27/2012

I think the aborigines are ultimately very good people. It's just that they are often misrepresented.

thurg 09/27/2012

Diversity is awesome!

[deleted] 09/27/2012

Fucking monkey!!

kenndys 09/27/2012

Worst pole dance ever.

hotape6 09/27/2012

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

dabeliuteef 09/27/2012

CityRail (pronounced shi-tee-rale) South Park style

stedanko09 09/27/2012

something like this happened to me while riding the TTC in Toronto. I lived near downsview and had to make it to Union station. About 4 stops before Union, this woman who could only be described as a crackhead gets on. This woman was wearing no shoes, had white on her face and smelled like indian food and diarrhea. Everyone in the car moved to the front as she was sitting in the back. Two stops ...

madhatta42 09/27/2012

This is one of the few things on /r/WTF that actually made me audibly say WTF when I opened it.

fishwithlegs 09/27/2012

I'd bang her.

TheHot 09/27/2012

Guys for fuck sakes, can't a girl take a shit in peace?

N3PHxx 09/27/2012

At least she's squatting.

Blackliquid 09/27/2012

More like ShittyRail.

spish 09/27/2012

Her again here I'll allow this post. Out.

Moderator- 09/27/2012

That's a woman?!

gardenstateofmind 09/27/2012

Every time I build city rail, damn Mongolians have to come and crap in my train.

Tsenraem 09/27/2012

She's trying to one-hand a newborn? At least get on your back

bootnuts 09/27/2012

Now Ryanair has a friend on my 'NEVER TRAVEL THIS WAY' list.

magicbullets 09/27/2012

Next stop: citywok

[deleted] 09/27/2012

I would have kicked her square in the face. And went on with my day with my head held high.

Rhodsey 09/27/2012


PWNWTFBBQ 09/27/2012

We don't pay janitors enough...

LarryBurrows 09/27/2012

Thank you for traveling with Shittyrail.

Octosphere 09/27/2012

only in sydney

marred93 09/27/2012

You must respect her traditions and culture.

[deleted] 09/27/2012

at least she is using proper form according to Stanford University...

ice_nein 09/27/2012

Worst. Pole dance. Ever.

Phoenixx777 09/27/2012

More like Shitty rail.

Potroast420 09/27/2012

city rail? more like shitty rail...

sofreci 09/27/2012

So that is what you use those poles for!

Buttpig 09/27/2012

Why do I always surf /r/wtf on my lunch break?

enscrib 09/27/2012

Welcome to ShittyRail

upbeatsheep 09/27/2012

australia represent!

Dunkin11 09/27/2012

Raised by wolves.

sanfranman 09/27/2012

For some reason, I think it would be much more entertaining if the man who owned City Wok in South Park said this title.

excelcior 09/28/2012

If she's shitting... she's doing it right.

pasta_sauce_monster 09/27/2012

How come this woman didn't notice OP? Rather more important, what kind of an asshole is OP?

BestNameEverTaken 09/27/2012

Soon their slogan shall be "Thank you for travelling with ShittyRail"

e1r4n 09/27/2012

the only thing better would be to run up and kick her in the face.. then take another picture of the aftermath. Honestly, who the fuck does this kind of shit in public..What a waste of space.

littnguy 09/27/2012

Im envious of how comfy the seats on your transit looks

happiest_tree_friend 09/27/2012

Another satisfied customer!

ItsAWhaleItsAvail 09/27/2012

Over here at CityRail, we're all class. We make sure the camera cannot see our junk when we're taking a casual dump on a train.

Zackety 09/27/2012

She had to have known that people could see her... the amount of fucks she doesn't give is unfathomable.

Doomballs 09/27/2012

that is very sexy...wish i was there

darthstygeon 09/27/2012

At least she has the right posture for her squat. Helps whatever come out more efficiently.

twentytwocents 09/27/2012

Is she doing what I think she's doing?

Shadowglove 09/27/2012

Is it wrong that I sat there for a while excited thinking that it could be a .gif?

CosmosMouse 09/27/2012

Fucking garbage bag right beside her...

DrZippy 09/27/2012

Its nice to see there are plenty of disgusting people in Australia as there are in the states. I thought you guys had better health insurance than us.

sasquatch606 09/27/2012

Not to defend her, BUT perhaps she is making some kind of artistic statement. A lot of art is shit..... whatever, I'm reaching too far. Bitch is craaaaaazy.

farmerfound 09/27/2012

Which circle of Hell do you live in, OP?

Metalslave 09/27/2012

"is this not the bathroom?"

Woden1Eye 09/27/2012

"Ooooh so that's what that smell was.."

A7X4REVer 09/28/2012

ozzy ozzy ozzy!

xcrunchx 09/28/2012