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At first I thought "ew" and "ouch", and then I thought "but if it's watermelon flavored..."

letsgetdowntobizniz 08/27/2012

She is so pleased with herself.

jerkyflexoff 08/27/2012

shame i dont have an 11 inch dick

djrockmydick 08/27/2012

Nurture or nature?

3point1415926535 08/27/2012

You can literally see it come up her throat

VthatguyV 08/27/2012


[deleted] 08/27/2012

haha she looks so proud.

thewalkingjen 08/27/2012


[deleted] 08/27/2012

That is not fucking normal.

[deleted] 08/27/2012

Someone reverse that gif....NOW!

kinguzumaki 08/27/2012


[deleted] 08/27/2012

her Dad must be sooo proud of her.

electricabbage 08/27/2012

I like watching the lump in her throat disappear when she pulls it out.

lexattack 08/27/2012

I must find her...

stevex42 08/26/2012


[deleted] 08/27/2012


[deleted] 08/27/2012

The deepest repost.

Ares1221 08/27/2012

fucking.... prometheus..

jesusdies 08/27/2012

The face at the end...just like 'oh I've been looking for this!'

drraspberry 08/27/2012

that gave me goosebumps... in the best of ways.

Masshole3000 08/27/2012

Look at that neck.....

Straight_To_Ace 08/27/2012

Marry me

Albodan 08/27/2012

The sexiest throat.

A_Mexican_IRL 08/27/2012

Honestly, now I'm curious how much I can fit.

.. and now I kind of feel sleazy. :(

ExplodingUnicorns 08/27/2012

Honestly, what was a really cute looking girl, looks disgusting after seeing that. I don't get the attraction with a girl choking, tearing up swallowing my cock....

JosB420 08/27/2012

Been reposted so many times, I didnt need to click the link to know which gig it is. I just came here to be a comment dick

hateriffic 08/27/2012

No matter how deep she sticks it her daddy won't love her

[deleted] 08/27/2012

Somebody reverse this gif!

kluda06 08/27/2012


GreenFox1505 08/27/2012

girl's got mad skillz

weallknowitall 08/27/2012

Awwww, she is so proud of herself!

ColoradoSouthpaw 08/27/2012

You were in that fap thread last night?

Lohlein 08/27/2012

WOW. That is fucking incredible.

downmagic1234 08/27/2012

That look of pure satisfaction.....she has found her calling

sw111885 08/27/2012

This makes me sad :( My boyfriend doesn't like blow jobs and wont let me give them to him...

Nintentard 08/27/2012


title | comnts | points | age | /r/ :--|:--|:--|:--|:-- Anyone got a source on this? Much love would be given. | 2^coms | -6^pts | 5^dys | nsfw_gifs Can anyone tell me who she is? | 14^coms | 66^pts | 6^dys ...

fastangAZ 08/27/2012

Insert "watch her neck" comment here

iaccidentlytheworld 08/27/2012

Damn I wish my girl could do that Not like she would

ravenpoo 08/27/2012

when she swallows a sword ill be impressed

GOAbro 08/27/2012

This is Holly Michaels at work, bitch can deepthroat

Pillow50 08/27/2012

I don't think I should show this to my fiancée. She feels horrible that she can't deepthroat.

rawbamatic 08/27/2012

but will it blend?

JohnnyLunchbox 08/28/2012

I think I'm in love..

Frase 08/27/2012

If only i were good looking, and rich, and well groomed, and had an attractive personality, and..... Ok, maybe if i was just rich.... no, you know what, im happy i dont have a beautiful girl that can do this!

kouriichi 08/27/2012

Someone once gave provided her name. I looked her up, and all her porn is really weird hardcore stuff. Ball gags, choking, rough gangbangs, weird stuff with power tools. I can't handle it.

Crossfox17 08/27/2012

Deep stomach!

DukeDownvote 08/27/2012

Can anyone reverse that?

Firefighterfaptime 08/27/2012

One day, she will have a family.

alienufosarereal 08/27/2012

Is it rude to assume she has dabbled in bulimia?

beastw4503 08/27/2012

And somewhere a father just fapped to this and then shot himself

Beaker1976 08/27/2012

How is she not gagging? I can only do it for a little bit without gagging.

sugarskullstar 08/27/2012

Something tells me she's popular within the African American community.

The_fluffy_sock 08/27/2012

Oh dear lord you can see the bulge in her throat.

desenagrator 08/27/2012

Dat giggle

danrennt98 08/27/2012


Eydude1 08/27/2012

repost but.. I Ain't Even Mad

buzznett 08/27/2012

If this is a date video, I'm sorry sweetheart but sadly I can't help you.

reo853 08/27/2012

Does she do porn?

[deleted] 08/27/2012

Where is the repost detector? :| This has been posted at least 4 times in the last two months.

Ryugi 08/27/2012

That bitch~! I knew i shouldnt of left my camera at the house

Bojanglez03 08/27/2012

And she wasn't even clenching her left thumb!

maxman3000 08/27/2012

Reposted about 10k complaints. carry on.

Popcom 08/27/2012

That is so hot.

SCTetra 08/27/2012

Is it bad that I've already seen this

confusedbystairs 08/27/2012

my future wife

poonslyr69 08/28/2012

I want to marry her.

Thaurman 08/28/2012

she loves it

winstoncash 08/27/2012

what the fuckery is this?

empgodot 08/27/2012

Should I be aroused or saddened?

InsaneToaser 08/27/2012

dear god , sweet jessus ,dear santa , omfg , rolfcopter , one blowjob from her and ur set for life !

RaylightVonHaze 08/27/2012

I think i just fell in love.

dacotahd 08/27/2012

i could watch this all day.

khengstebeck 08/27/2012

Ah-ha!! I knew there was at least one reason to get married!!

grantwb1 08/27/2012

Finally, a woman who can master my full lenght.

nosleepatall 08/27/2012