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As a substitute teacher, I can tell you this... We don't give a flying fuck if you do the work or not. As long as you're quiet, we don't care! As long as you LOOK busy when a regular teacher or administrator comes by, we don't care! Just be quiet and look busy. I don't care if you're playing on your phone or reading a book or doing homework for your next class because I'm not evaluated on the ...

Jack_of_Spades 12/01/2012


[deleted] 12/02/2012

Maybe you shouldn't be a fucking dick to people. Have some empathy and think before you act. Your classmates may think you're cool, and you're probably glad you don't have to do some worksheets, but I promise you when you look back on today you will feel shame for how you treated that poor woman. I hope other aspects of your life are unaffected by your lack of tact.

Smokinacesfan55 12/02/2012

Then the moment when the substitute writes a note and you sit down saying "fuck."

Boomergbh 12/02/2012


ProtestTheHero 12/01/2012

Usually, they can just tell the teacher that you were being tools and you'd get in trouble

NipplesOfDestiny 12/02/2012

Having a sub meant a bad day for me. I hated watch the other kids power play the bastard or madam. Then you'd always have the one kid who would try to negotiate with said sub, and be their friend while everyone acted like animals. It was disgusting.

bsimple3603 12/02/2012

No it's more like, when you have a sub on test day, everybody is like "Yeah the teacher lets us work together on tests. It's fine."

Littlejr5 12/02/2012

I remember the best sub I ever had, Mr. Favinger. He would come in and sit at the teacher's desk with a newspaper and his coffee. Half the time he claim he couldn't find the assignments we were supposed to do, so as long as we're quiet we could do anything. One time, not in my class but in another's, he put in a dvd of the movie Saw one of the students had. I'm surprised the school used him as ...

pizzlybear 12/02/2012

If you are still dealing with substitute teachers, you should get the fuck off the internet and come back in a few years when you might actually actually have something worthwhile to contribute to the world.

conekiller 12/02/2012

you're not doing the work for the teacher. you're doing it for yourself.

Omena123 12/02/2012

A substitute teacher tried to take on one of the high school classes here about three years ago, with the background of elementary school substitution. I don't know exactly what happened in that classroom, but when I walked in to deliver some files from another room, all the kids were just doing whatever they wanted. I stood there for a minute before one of them explained, "You can leave those ...

KaitKindly 12/02/2012

Why the fuck do you have guy in the classroom masturbating?

Icarrythesun 12/02/2012

YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE...gandalf the grey

ddeadmau5 12/02/2012

If I should ever have to make substitute lessons, I'll ask the teacher I substitute for, what they are working on in class and make something fun myself. Seriously, working on a stupid worksheet all by yourself for one lesson will teach you close to nothing. Let something explode or make a 3D-figure on the topic, made entirely out of popsicle-sticks. For Christ's sake, students need a motivation ...

eine_person 12/02/2012

When I was in 6th grade I had a substitute teacher who shaved her legs at her desk, drank 4 liters of Mountain Dew, and ate 2 family-sized bags of Doritos in one sitting. She was morbidly obese and, whenever we had a question, she rolled around on her little wheeled chair to answer it. Except she didn't know anything about math.

pleasekindsir 12/02/2012

Upvote, for randomly having a guy fapping in the back of the class, nice touch.

rekolm 12/02/2012

Best sub I ever had fell asleep during class and we pretty much did whatever we wanted.

PleasureGun 12/02/2012

yeah albino substitute teachers have no power at all.

Drprincecold 12/02/2012

She can still punish you administratively.

misanthr0p1c 12/02/2012

Upvote for Gandalf, the grey

bigmek123 12/02/2012

that would not work at my old school. they had a philosophy were all work was graded.

onda-oegat 12/02/2012

One substitute teacher I had one day in high school came in and said, "That is burning faster than North Myrtle Beach. It was when North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was having a problem with a massive wildfire. My friend and I looked at each other with a too soon look.

[deleted] 12/02/2012

Yeah then when the teacher gets back, she sees you haven't done the work, so she decides to grade it. I always hated when that would happen?

Jessicaquinn 12/02/2012