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isn't Amy the female Sheldon

mgs4isepic 09/17/2012


Pisty 09/17/2012

She went unattractive real quick. Can Not Unsee.

Cyrino420 09/17/2012

Didn't we see her in Fellowship of the Ring?

All_Your_Base 09/17/2012


huck08 09/17/2012

i think you meant her

samlappy 09/17/2012

Didnt read the title, just opened it. Thought to myself what an attractive girl, read title to find where i may possibly fap to her...i can no longer unsee what i has seen.

Rasulkjr 09/17/2012

God fucking dammit that was terrifying! And I have no problem frequenting r/spacedicks.

Brewe 09/17/2012

Must be his twin sister, Missy.

Spokes1215 09/17/2012

i was just thinking about rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock.

rathead 09/17/2012

I'm bi. I'd do her/him eitherway.

[deleted] 09/17/2012

Isn't Sheldon the female version already?

[deleted] 09/17/2012

She probably loves coitus though.

nopants1986 09/17/2012

I am currently watching The Big Bang Theory and it's very clear that you don't understand his character. He's not a gypsy he's a scientist.

booouuuurqquuueee 09/17/2012

Never ever would I tap that.

BF3FAN1 09/17/2012

Looks more like a Elrond in his young, blond days to me.

authorless 09/17/2012

Looks like Carl from Dazed and Confused.

hoopstick 09/17/2012

Showing off "her" classic look of haughty derision as usual I see.

nayzoo 09/17/2012


omfgilostmyaccagain 09/17/2012

remind me, exactly which particular little giz load this Sheldon Cooper is that you faggots are obsessing over again? Is he the one on Glee?

callseveryonefaggot 09/17/2012

The first thing I thought was female Jeff Winger.

benjamem 09/17/2012

Looks more like female Michael Cera

OPisaVaG 09/17/2012

That's actually his brother.

flnnl 09/17/2012

not outside shes not

Sgt_Soggybottoms 09/17/2012

not sure if female or elf.

lordtaco 09/17/2012

I don't know, I think I could be around her without killing myself.

Hazy_V 09/17/2012

Isn't Sheldon female? Gods I despise that show.

Echostation3T8 09/17/2012

This is a man. I dont care what you say, this IS A MAN

RealBoysCry 09/17/2012

I believe that would be Amy. Good sir.

lonesomespoon68 09/17/2012

OMG... Aliens exist

benzenoid 09/17/2012

laugh track

Littlejr5 09/17/2012

He does have a twin sister...

Lyra-Silvertongue 09/17/2012

The longer I stare at its face, the more manly it gets.

GLG2012 09/18/2012

Looks like that guy from the watchmen

tronn4 09/17/2012


(still the male version of sheldon cooper.... with long hair).

xnodesirex 09/17/2012

More like the female-impersonating male version of Sheldon Cooper.

Keplers_Time_Machine 09/17/2012

but they already have that, and they ruined the show with her

[deleted] 09/17/2012

looks like michael cera to me

datass630 09/17/2012

I don't see it!

JRock184 09/17/2012

Jesus black backwards-jumping Christ that's creepy!

themarknessmonster 09/17/2012

I wonder what a male version of Sheldon Cooper would look like.

Wazowski 09/17/2012

...No, Lauren Lapkus is the female Sheldon

ainesey 09/17/2012

I thought Sheldon Cooper was the female version of Sheldon Cooper.

AfroPhysics 09/17/2012

She looks eerily like a girl I had choir and AP Lang with in high school.

VestaDear 09/17/2012

cant unseen...

Kaseafier 09/17/2012

Yep he looks like Andrej Pejic

nukleo777 09/17/2012

She looks like William Cooper from Eurotrip XD

hiddenbutobvious 09/17/2012

If you saw her before you saw the character of Sheldon Cooper, would she be cute?

OminousStork 09/17/2012

Just becuase you said Sheldon Cooper in the title I give you an upvote.

pixxiidust 09/18/2012

How can you tell she's a talentless hack just from a picture?!

tnicholson 09/18/2012

We'll make a place for you...we'll just ask someone to leave

elorgous 09/18/2012

laugh track * bazinga* laugh track

[deleted] 09/20/2012

More like him with a wig on.

OddaJosh 09/17/2012

I'd try to teach her to be more personable... if you know what I mean

ActuallyScience 09/17/2012