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All this time I thought it was just 1 pearl neatly created in the center of the oyster, laying on the flesh like a soft, slimy pillow.

Fuckin Disney.

H1Ed1 09/02/2013

And now the pearls will never finish growing because the oyster has been killed and opened

Nomsfud 09/01/2013

TIL pearls are kinda gross

80-m 09/02/2013

You know what? I want to put those nodules on a thread and wear them around my neck.

iamlordbaalrus 09/02/2013

Thought I crossed into /r/gonewild by accident.

xdrunkagainx 09/02/2013

Having pearls as an oyster is like being a mouth full of tonsil stones.

Zud 09/02/2013

The way the pearls are textured within the shell makes me just want to dig them out...or something...

supug 09/01/2013

Its funny to think that such prized and expensive trinkets we enjoy so much are really just the biological emissions of a sea creature.

TheAlmightyProphet 09/02/2013


Spenceful 09/01/2013

Yes, yes, sad indeed.



MooseFish22 09/01/2013

Is this really a natural occurrence? I was under the impression even a single pearl in an oyster was "rare," let alone a dozen perfectly round multicolored pearls.

Menziesii 09/02/2013

Wow that looks like a pussy

shai-hulud-willing 09/01/2013

This kills the oyster.

Emiller901 09/02/2013

Am I stupid having thought that oysters only grow one pearl at a time? Anyone else out there with a blown mind?

I'm not sure why I thought that. I could have sworn I got that info from Dirty Jobs, but now I'm thinking it might have been Spongebob.

Shackleface 09/02/2013

This is sad.

[deleted] 09/01/2013

I just want to take a knife and pop em' out one by one, like rocks stuck in the cracks of the bottom of my shoe.

omegajourney 09/02/2013

I find this photo deeply upsetting

like the oyster is growing tumors and we wear them

femmederqueer 09/02/2013

This is the first post on r/whoadude to which my reaction was actually "whoa, dude!" I even said it out loud. To myself.

limpel 09/02/2013

He didn't a license to grow pearls. He shouldn't have resisted while the DEA was trying to confiscate his pearls as evidence.

Fizzay 09/02/2013

This kills the oyster.

Wunderbrain 09/02/2013

I kind of want to put my dick in it...

Doobeedah 09/02/2013

That looks painful

GrukfromtheGrok 09/02/2013

Am I the only one wanting chowder right now?

Blacksburg 09/02/2013

Pearls are strange things.

Wilcows 09/02/2013

They must be cultured since they are perfect spheres? How beautiful!

levloe 09/02/2013

I get the odd urge looking at that pic like I do when I have a sweet blackhead on my face.

_geriatricmindtrix_ 09/02/2013

> He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.

-- Gandalf

TomatoManTM 09/02/2013

this makes me weirdly uncomfortable

srose2510 09/02/2013

Someone should crosspost this to /r/trypophobia

kinkymascara 09/02/2013

Oh come on..i'm eating right now..

10010101 09/02/2013

Does anyone else think the oyster would be embarrassed to know we can all see it's pearls...

JW989 09/02/2013

Am I the only one who thinks that looks painful?

trent64 09/02/2013

It looks like oyster herpes.

Gyrocomplex 09/02/2013

wtf youre hurting it!

taysam 09/02/2013

The predator has not aged well.

Middleman79 09/02/2013

Don't think about vaginas. Don't think about vaginas.

mista_masta 09/02/2013

looks like a private part.

cdubbs44 09/02/2013

/r/gonewild did not appreciate this.

I_am_chris_dorner 09/03/2013

This picture makes me uncomfortable every time... and yet I can't look away.

whiskeydreamkathleen 09/02/2013

This makes me hungry. Also it makes it seem weird that people put those on jewelry.

tetra0 09/02/2013

I guess I was kind of expecting a giant tongue with a single pearl on it.

Hereforthefreecake 09/02/2013

looks like a vagina

DonLeo17 09/02/2013

Yay for tryopophobia.

wyattsa 09/02/2013

Looks like Herpes.

CHACHI_BONGS 09/02/2013