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This could also be titled "The easiest loot you'll EVER get."

Lawlta 02/12/2013

YES. I loved this part of Karazhan. (Hopefully that's the correct spelling)

HawkyGaming 02/12/2013

I played BattleChess as a kid. Good times.

zth25 02/12/2013

We called this break mode for people that wanted to take a break during kara. 3 to 4 people always wanted to do it, so we let them while everyone else just sat around or did personal things. Good times. I do miss kara. One of the better instances in TBC.

Chewbubbles 02/12/2013

I miss this. There were some pretty unique encounters in this place;

The plays - Red riding hood, Romeo & Juliet, Big Bad Wolf (I wanted that gun so bad).

This was where the fun ended in WoW for me :(

woofa 02/12/2013

Considering its about as old as time, I'd say Chess is pretty bad ass.

Ted_Sheckler_PI 02/12/2013

My first time in there they let me be the king!

RedCapZombie 02/12/2013

Too bad it's not chess.

Skerh 02/12/2013

I never knew what the fuck I was doing at that part.

Broken_Envoke 02/12/2013

Ahhh Kara. How I love you. Still too this day my favorite raid. So many fond memories.

TheGuthar 02/12/2013

oh i miss Kara, so much. Had a great group of friends back then, and it was just fun to do.

all gone now, :(

NEWSBOT3 02/12/2013

Where is the bot that finds the original post when you need it

Aiphator 02/12/2013

Fun but way to easy!

Karazhan was crazy good though :)

LZRKRFT 02/12/2013

Oh...the good days

Chickenugg 02/12/2013

I was really sad when we found out that it wasn't actually a chess game. Then more sad when we realized it was almost impossible to lose with a full group. Then happy as hell when I found out you could solo it. Then sad when they made it so you couldn't solo it. Then happy again when I started two manning it with a friend. I probably need mood stabilizers.

harky 02/12/2013

Back in BC this was solo-able through a series of exploits. I think Kara had to be cleared to a certain point in order to actually get to the chess board, so I ninjaed the event from my guild one day before the instance reset. I don't remember exactly how it was done, but it involved unstucking yourself through the back door, walljumping up to an area that allowed you to jump outside of the ...

Bowlarama 02/12/2013

I loved Kara, a small part of me misses running it twice a week for 3 months straight...

FattyPhil 02/12/2013

What about Mortal Kombat Chess mode?

ktsmyth 02/12/2013

what about the Mortal Kombat chess game?

Metatrons_Cube 02/12/2013

I miss Karazhan. It was my first experience raiding, and I met a lot of great people in my 10 man group.

tgraefj 02/12/2013


jdelbs18 02/12/2013

amazing instance, the best times of my WoW life. But fuck is the game a shell of its past now

dronian 02/12/2013

I still never got my god damn tanking sword from here or god damn fucking heroic mechanar

cadderly09 02/12/2013

My first thought when I saw the other post. Thanks for delivering OP.

Many memories trying to 2 and 3 man the chess event.

the_corruption 02/12/2013

I still don't know how this event worked and I cleared it with my guild every week for like 2 months.

Jinqs 02/12/2013


Floater4 02/12/2013

I had always hoped that they would implement a way to play other players.

Tezziec 02/12/2013

I've solod as well as duod this. As awesome as the concept was, I think it was too easy.

[deleted] 02/12/2013

My friend got a raid cancelled almost as soon as we joined because he started this event and got everyone silenced so we couldn't proceed. -____-

scroogejones624 02/12/2013

Oh the days where you as a rogue/using invis pots could get all the way through a fresh Karazhan to this event through a lot of walljumping and worldglitching (entering "The nether") and other hilarious exploits.

My guild was totally undergeared for any upper karazhan at all so we had 2 rogues (I was one of them) and a warlock (with invispots) summon the entire raid in to that chamber, it was ...

Seekzor 02/12/2013

Wasn't there a chess-like game in one of the Mortal Kombats for PS2? If so, your title is wrong :P

Fire_Godd 02/12/2013

Ahh my guild cleared Kara first on our server, probably my fondest raiding memory. So many good fights in that instance that instilled a feeling of accomplishment that pretty much got lost in later raid design.

erasedeny 02/12/2013

Ok need some oppinions here. Who else would actually be really happy if they completely re-did Kara? 100% re-make scalled to max level? Anyone?

Madworldz 02/12/2013

The good ol' days. Eh by's?

[deleted] 02/12/2013

I completely forgot about this. I quit after Sunwell.. Is it worth going back in again as a super casual player!? (3 hours a week tops)

Forcefedlies 02/12/2013

Go team weasley!

nnargh 02/12/2013

Yes!!!! I miss that Raid...

rockdme 02/12/2013

obsidian sanc - 10 man rush [] kill within 20-40s - die - loot several epics including a blake dragon mount [] this sir was by far the easiest thing even back at 80.

TJzzz 02/13/2013

It's Kara muhfuckaaaaa

elsurrealslimshady 02/12/2013

Yea it was awesome unless your group was full of retards who'd face the wrong way and attack the wrong guys. Sigh. I miss Kara.

Levin1983 02/12/2013

I remember blowing through KZ with my guild in under two hours. Shit was intense.

360walkaway 02/12/2013

I still remember when I managed to solo the chess game, greatest achievement of my life thus far.

lbelts 02/12/2013

I remember hosting 2 Kara raids a week. Once on my frost mage and once on my tank/heal druid (i'd do whatever the group needed). Those were probably the most fun times I had playing WoW.

EPIC_RAPTOR 02/12/2013

I remeber my first time in karazhan, i had just finished my attunement on my warrior, full blues, few rep items ect...... We went in and cleared to shade+chess in one night. It was ironic that the best starting tank wepon you could get passed mallet of the tides was from a free loot event. Just my luck that it dropped on my first night tanking Kara.

Neccro 02/12/2013

Your sides are backwards. Silly alliance.

Bojaxx 02/12/2013

he cheats too much now

Zenedar 02/12/2013

Kara was amazing... I tanked it on my Shaman in my high Stam/Res. PvP gear. I was actually really amazing as a tank back then. But then they made PvP gear not reduce crit change from non-players... And there wasn't such a thing as tanking mail armor :<

The good old days...

BeepBoopRobo 02/12/2013

Not grasping why the horses couldn't have a guy riding them. Would the players not have known it was chess if the knight wasn't just a horse?

PostsWhileDrunk 02/12/2013

This would make a great reboot of the chess game, Archon, and Archon II Adept..

clubsoda_with_lime 02/12/2013

Hit me right in the Nostalgia.

malevolentmc 02/12/2013

Bomb how many people have to two man this cause the fucking raid always sucked at it.

strlingarcher 02/12/2013

I think chess is already badass.

Brandongo 02/12/2013

I drink to this!

Kingdomhearts-Xion 02/12/2013

It's embarrassing to admit, but I actually wiped our raid on this. Instead of getting angry though everyone in the guild just cracked up laughing and wouldn't let me live it down. So every week when we came to this part, they were all like, "NO, you can't be the king!" And I'm all like, "It wasn't my fault, I swear!"

yoodlebug 02/12/2013

Too bad it wasn't played much like real chess. All you did was move the queen in there and heal her. That NEVER works in real chess. Unless you play idiots.

[deleted] 02/12/2013

Honestly, IMO, the funest raid of the best expansion. I think wow peaked that year. I wish I could go back to having that much fun and excitement for that game, but it was just never as good for me, and I did play and raid all the other expansions up to panda.

llzardklng 02/12/2013


memories of life before grad school.....

curious_kathy 02/12/2013

it's not exactly Chess though

IhateAngryBirds 02/12/2013

you sir, just struck a huge vein of nostalgia

12AMshitbreak 02/12/2013

So happy to see Karazhan on the front page (:

itskelsey 02/12/2013

mistapink = orc rogue boulderfist??

cryonova 02/12/2013

<Wiped On Chess>

fav guild tag

PenisVonLictensnatch 02/12/2013

damn i need to de-computer. i read that as bad ass cheese and i was so excited...

KnotPreddy 02/12/2013

I would have to reactivate my account if they revamped kara, even though it'll probably never be the same again.

big_fig 02/12/2013

I always loved Karazhan. Some of the most creative raid content, I think.

kinkyvargasgirl 02/12/2013

The only part of kara that's actually difficult to solo. Sigh.

antagognostic 02/12/2013

It's bugged now, he cheats too much!

Dippin_Dots 02/12/2013

For anyone interested, a private server with the first working Chess Event (besides Blizzard's) is in late development.

Toaka 02/12/2013

This chess set will get you laid.

kaishanks 02/12/2013

This was probably the best dungeon ever in WoW. I really like the part where you performed on stage and you got random scripts like little red riding hood!

ChubbyMunchkins 02/12/2013

Karazhan was the most fun I ever had playing WoW. I miss TBC.

russor 02/12/2013

Looks like if battle chess got a reboot

Invader-grr 02/12/2013

free purps :)

stanfy86 02/12/2013

This a thousand times.

One of my most memorable events from when I used to play.

Lunux 02/12/2013

I need BC again in my life.

BoxoMorons 02/12/2013

Hey, can we stop with the [fixed]? Not to nitpick but it seems to be substituting for an actual title for your own unique content!

leoshnoire 02/12/2013

For a split second i was reminded of having fun playing WOW. Then all the bad memories started coming back.

drfunkenstien014 02/12/2013

Ouch, the nostalgia.

alextk 02/12/2013

So many warrior tears from not getting the King's Defender out of that chest. One time it dropped and all of our tanks had better weapons at that point. I got it to disenchant, but I just tossed my own personal crystals into the guild bank so that I could keep it. (Mage)

I made so many warriors angry in 5 man heroics when I did the most damage in the party wielding a King's Defender.

ranger922 02/12/2013

I still vividly remember my first Kara on my Rogue :')

Bloodaegisx 02/13/2013

I loved Kara.

jayrod111 02/13/2013