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Thank you so much for telling us which game this is, because all of us have played this game and therefore we all know how it's called

Quatroking 05/04/2013

Ahhh VGCW you wonderful beast

shaz10010 05/04/2013

The game is WWE '13

CruzControl60 05/04/2013

BAH GAWD! What a maneuver! He's got him! It's the end of the match, he's got him! We gonna crown a new champion! No, only 2!

OMG! This is it! The champion's gonna retain his title. After a grueling match, the champion will continue his reign! This is it! No, only 2!

Repeat 500 times until JR runs out of breath! Repeat 500 more times until the crowd just leaves.

king_of_whatever 05/04/2013

WHAT THE-- REF! THAT WAS 3! slaps hand three times

Agent0013 05/04/2013

At first I thought the ref never counting to three would be the most frustrating aspect of this gif, but now I just desperately need to know who the man in black is.

grandiosemose 05/04/2013

Anyone wanting more should check out VGCW.

zombicidalscientist 05/04/2013

I thought this was going to be about Mr. Bone.

uncledaddy69 05/04/2013

I want to get off Triple H's Wild Ride.

I_can_fluff_myself 05/04/2013

Why is Guile in the ring?!

9lmao9 05/04/2013

What game is this?

ThisSuitBurnsBetter 05/04/2013

what is this gayness ?

jonditz 05/04/2013


ChaosCore 05/04/2013

It looked like if the judge were giving him the worst ass wooping ever

OZIZ 05/04/2013

It's called the 'katamari roll' by fans of the sport. Anyone interested should look up VGCW, they have live spectator events on twitch every week.

OutcastOrange 05/04/2013

What the hell is on his head?

Skrigga 05/04/2013


AscendantJim 05/04/2013

The annoying thing is that's not even a glitch or anything. It happens every time I do that move on WWE'13.

GeoFlux 05/04/2013

at least you are actually getting 2 counts

ftbnoob 05/04/2013


MrFugums 05/04/2013

I want to get out of MR BONES WILD RING.

Vitamin_gun 05/04/2013

Just like real wrestling!

tweak4ever 05/04/2013