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not much bigger than macaque

falconcuntpunch 07/02/2013

Imagine if these evolved in the same way humans did. Then I could dress up like a giant robot and wreck their cities like godzilla.

JunionBaker 07/02/2013

Marmoset there'd be days like this, There'd be days like this my marmoset (Marmoset! Marmoset!)

few23 07/02/2013

That's Gary Coleman, you fucking idiot.

Brothelcreeper_2000 07/02/2013

I would say the world's smallest repost, but obviously, it's not:

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BadEgg1951 07/02/2013

Twist: The finger is 20 feet tall.

Aeolean 07/02/2013

i want to see it riding one of those hopping hamsters.

BlorfMonger 07/02/2013

I bet it makes adorable little shits. Unless it's like Nibbler.

dogfunky 07/02/2013

Oh man! I want a hundred of these to swarm around me wherever I go!

blacktshirt70 07/02/2013

I wonder if size and intelligence are correlated

the__itis 07/02/2013

OMG I want one

alphamiller 07/02/2013

It's stare is very penetrating... So small... Yet I'm so uncomfortable....

whats_goodwin 07/02/2013

Marmoset, they'll be days like this.

Sandlicker 07/02/2013

Closely resembles its cousin the Kodiak Marmoset... which is the world's largest, smallest, primate.

6feet_ 07/02/2013

My father nicknamed me this when I was little, becuase I was an unusually small child. I think they're adorable.

TyrannosaurusPunch 07/02/2013

Liebe meine Apschminki!

Maddog_Delphi97 07/02/2013

I want one

jocrane01 07/02/2013

I had just about given up on a birthday gift for my nephew due to lack of ideas.

lazyal 07/02/2013

"that don't look like no golden marmoset I evah heard of!"

gimpbully 07/02/2013

I live in Ecuador and they catch these in the rain forest and sell them for $100

dnlslm9 07/02/2013

So freaking cute.

Wdayley73 07/02/2013

Perhaps the picture should have been smaller, so as not to make the small monkey appear 3x actual size...

theObfuscator 07/02/2013

So are we just gonna comment on this post every single day, and pretend like it's brand new?

getstonedplaygames 07/02/2013

I thought fingermonkey was fake and gay?

psilonox 07/02/2013