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You must be a really patient person if you say that is only the start of your house

Caesar071 11/27/2012

the problem i have with this mod is the shrunken textures

gilgada 11/27/2012

Trying to make one myself: bitch please, back to tekkit.

notnAti 11/27/2012

I like the detail that you can have with the littleblocksmod.

Noerdy 11/27/2012

The fact that it SHRINKS the textures REALLY throws off my perception of everything >> It makes me feel like this is a REALLY FRIGGIN' HUGE COUCH xx;

Draegur 11/27/2012

Good thing you have our priorities strait. Couch before walls.

t3zla 11/27/2012


[deleted] 11/27/2012

Is this mod easy enough to install?

wmmason 11/28/2012

Looks like a sofa :D

shadowtroll330 11/27/2012