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Been watching Scrubs eh?

TrainAss 08/15/2012

Show me boobs!

SpankedZombie 08/15/2012

ok who put world peace?

WadeMuthaFukinWilson 08/15/2012

The Rock? as in the Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage film? How did that make the survey?

[deleted] 08/15/2012

boobs are essentially world peace? no?

TheHappyViking 08/15/2012

That's from the episode "My Two Dads" from the first season.

P.S. Elliot has magic boobs.

DersHolmvik 08/15/2012

there's always one guy who has to ruin it by saying "world peace"

hobofats 08/15/2012

this belongs on r/scrubs

imjustdrunk 08/15/2012

Beer is liquid bread, its good for you!

They Might Be Giants - The Beer Song

Aiken_Drumn 08/15/2012

I count 7 liars.

ImmortalImitator 08/15/2012

yeah, we're gonna go with boobs

rainmanj9 08/15/2012

So was this the proper show or some video game version? Cause if it's the show I want the clip.

3Power 08/15/2012

Hey! Casual sexism is funny, amirite?

Pandadeist12 08/15/2012

What it takes to keep a guy happy: beer, boobs, football. What it takes to keep a girl happy: make up, shoes, money, hot bf, protection, hugs, caring shit, food, diet, hair curler, hair dryer, big house, always being right, 8" dick, best phone on the market, and last but not least, a mirror.

fcku 08/15/2012

How did Beer Sandwiches get to 2? O_o

LibertyTerp 08/15/2012

TIL The Rock is a gay icon and the troops really want to go home. I still don't get the beer sandwich?

ubomw 08/15/2012

Fuck The Rock Jesus H. Christ. Who the fuck cares bout that faggot?

VenDai 08/15/2012

Freaky that I just watched this episode last night for the first time! Weird

BeffyLove 08/15/2012

world peace?

Chase777100 08/15/2012

I have seen all the top three. I feel special.

Edit: I prefer bear sandwiches. Heeeyy Boobooooooo

feckyooworld 08/15/2012

Beer sandwiches? Yuck.

brussels4breakfast 08/15/2012

Dont you think that you will see more boobs if there is world peace?

[deleted] 08/15/2012

Gotta go, Boobie horn...

arche22 08/15/2012

The rock?

T3hSav 08/15/2012


CliffThaRiff 08/15/2012

The rock haha

feddz 08/15/2012

Scrubs? Perhaps?

sandthefish 08/15/2012

I am sure many men want to see Toronto win the Stanley Cup next year

Ander1ap 08/15/2012

ha world peace! what a hippy

himurax3x 08/15/2012

I love Elliot's magic boobs...

ashtongraham 08/15/2012

They're missing the "other guys' dongs" option. Sadness.

RawrDitt0r 08/15/2012

I have seen both Boobs and The Rock, I don't care for the other two.

EmptheBear 08/15/2012

How I know this isn't actually Family Feud, there's an answer with only 1.

Elquinis 08/15/2012

The Rock is a good movie though ._. it should have a little more than that :P

Pinto15 08/15/2012

The Rock as in the actor or as in the movie with Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery?

[deleted] 08/15/2012

I hate to be that guy but -

Boobs, the rock, beer sandwiches and world peace are all "in the world". They cannot be answers to that question.

Who am I kidding, I love being that guy.

jimyin 08/15/2012

Family Fued never has a catagory worth 1 point. If at least 2 people didn't say it, then they throw out the answer.

P.S. Yes, I know this is from a TV show

SilverSick 08/15/2012

I watched that episode on Comedy Central earlier. Judging by your posting I'd say your in central time.

Cocoa92 08/15/2012

In real family feud they don't show any answer with a score lower than 2.

mkicon 08/15/2012

I just watched this episode the other day.

Hyphnip 08/15/2012

where's gradualprowrestler when you need him?

[deleted] 08/15/2012

i imagine the 2 for beer sandwiches would immediately seek each other out

sirmegalorddrawesome 08/15/2012

I agree. The only thing hotter than dipping my sandwiches in beer is jerking off to the rock and his oeuvre of stunning films

toilet_bowler 08/15/2012

in that order

[deleted] 08/15/2012

I don't need you to introduce me to my ex wife!

bluerocker1111 08/15/2012

Please correct the title to "Things Straight Guys ..." It continues to baffle me what the obsession with those things is about. Seriously?

cercant01 08/15/2012

I'd personally like to see the world burn

JaredCox_NY 08/15/2012

the top 3 will make the 4th happen.

SAGIND 08/15/2012


roekvae 08/15/2012

Mmmmmm I love Beer Sandwiches.

ParkerEH 08/15/2012

Jesus Christ, Marie, they're minerals!

BabyJ 08/15/2012

This episode was on today!

Viva42 08/15/2012

That one guy who said World Peace needs to get his act straight.

SomeoneTookMyUsernme 08/15/2012

Beer sandwiches needs to go up the list...

septimus379 08/15/2012

I was about to call bullshit on this because I couldn't believe this would be on Family Feud. Then I remembered that it wouldn't be the first time I thought that.

ThatGuyFrmTV 08/15/2012

So... isn't 1 out of 100 an anomaly as far as gay/straight stats??

randomfemale 08/15/2012

Yeah, I watched Comedy Central today too..

TheMessAround 08/15/2012

I always laugh my ass off when I see 'Beer Sandwiches'.

TheSkiFreeYeti 08/15/2012


Cabron53 08/16/2012

Why would guys wanna see the rock?

guyver_dio 08/16/2012

Who the hell said "world peace"?

I demand your man-card back. Unless it was sarcasm...

[deleted] 08/15/2012

The other 7 guys are protesting in front of Chic-fil-a.

Tangent_M 08/15/2012

Somewhere out there, there's a man who just wants to see world peace but his ideals are overshadowed by his boob-loving counterparts.

cstone1 08/15/2012

Girl on Girl Kissing



Master_Z 08/15/2012

7% answered something other than boobs, which is pretty similar to any given number you can pull out for the rate of homosexuality in men.

I'd have gone for world peace btw.

Anonamous_Quinn 08/15/2012


[deleted] 08/15/2012