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Question: How does one accidentally inject oneself with hydraulic fluid?

EyesWideShutTonight 09/29/2012

Looks like he failed the blood test, ~~soon~~ right after this was taken tentacles came out and eviscerated everyone in the room

pantsonfire123 09/29/2012

NSFL tag wouldn't have been amiss here.

paxanimus 09/29/2012

what exactly is happening to the arm? is the skin cracking or is the muscle getting too big for the skin? honest question.

cris7789 09/29/2012

This is making me reconsider my weekend plans to convert myself into a cyborg.

tinyelephantsime 09/29/2012

Holy shite! Haven't said WTF in a long while out loud. You get the WTF trophy of the day OP!

CattyMac 09/29/2012

Pertinent information from the particular picture

>An operator was using a high-pressure hydraulic tool, when the hose ruptured at the ferrule. As a result, high-pressure fluid came into contact with the operator's hand.

>On presenting at Emergency, the initial prognosis was "keep clean and rest". By chance, a specialist doctor observed and intervened.

>The mineral oil had already ...

BlackestNight21 09/29/2012

When I was a hydraulics mechanic in the Air Force, that shit getting into my body was my number one fear. A tiny bit got in my mouth once, and it went numb for hours.

[deleted] 09/29/2012

I'd hate to see what happens if he did it on purpose...

theformat1993 09/29/2012


thegirlwhocan 09/30/2012

The pic shows the exploratory surgery necessary to remove the hydraulic fluid, not what happens as a result of the injury.

Waterville 09/29/2012

What kind of hydraulic fluid? 5606 or Skydrol?

USAF-Grumkin 09/29/2012

High pressure hydraulic fluid leak injury.

Cuts like a laser.

videogameboy76 09/29/2012

What's up with all the nsfw cry babies. Don't cruise WTF if your that worried

wytedevil 09/29/2012


[deleted] 09/29/2012

This. I run railroad equipment and had a hose with a pinhole leak. Shut it down and went to replace hose. Vendor in town built new hose. Put it on and fired it up. The idiot who made the hose didn't crimp one end. Blew off and sprayed me head to toe. Then when I took the hose and JIC fitting back he didn't see why I was so upset. Had I been a foot closer I would have taken 2100 psi of hydraulic ...

BigHaus 09/29/2012

As somebody who works around / with hydraulics under high pressure every day, I'm reluctant to go to work on Monday.

CallMeAnEngineer 09/29/2012

To everyone complaining about the lack of "NSFW/L" tags...

This is r/WTF. What were you expecting? Sunshine, rainbows and kittens? Jesus Christ.

himmelkrieg 09/29/2012

As a sidenote: people who use paint sprayers to paint anything from houses, buildings, aircraft, etc.. all fear the dreaded injection injury. Respect high pressure hoses. Even a compressed air hose can injure you.

ThrivesOnDownvotes 09/29/2012

I want to see what happens if you purposely inject yourself with hydraulic fluid.

physicalpixels 09/29/2012

Now see this is WTF worthy gore.

dsi1 09/29/2012

Detailed description of said incident.

BlueCross2 09/29/2012

What if you do it on purpose?

dc5trbo 09/29/2012

If it's so highly pressurized, why does it expand so slowly?

HobKing 09/29/2012

Hydraulic fluid is one helluva drug

snoopypoo 09/29/2012

I've seen this before. The story was the machine repairman was checking hydraulic hoses for leaks with the system running. He found a blister in a hose and held onto it with his fingers while his partner shut the machine down so they could replace the line. This was the result.

A317 09/29/2012

This does not only apply to hydraulic fluid. I work in the paint industry and it too, presents it's own set of risks. A typical airless sprayer can pressurize to 3000 psi with some as much as 7500 psi used for thick material. We also carry wallet cards with information for the hospital on how to treat an injection wound. One thing is for certain, there is a very real chance of gangrene in such a ...

anal_floss 09/29/2012

I always wondered why custom lines cost hundreds of dollars....

I used to work with machinery hydraulics.

On one occasion, I bleed the air-reserve tanks, but forgot to work the valves to release the pressure in the lines. Even that small pressure left remaining in the lines was enough to coat myself with hydraulic fluid from head to toe.

It was quite embarrassing, and could have been ...

1plus1 09/29/2012

So where is the NSFW tag? I was eating dinner. Emphasis on WAS.

Hetero-genius 09/29/2012

Should see the movie: men behind the sun!

Arthener 09/29/2012

So it's not that bad, huh?

hoosiers26 09/29/2012

What happens if you do it on purpos?e o.0

therealpaulyd 09/29/2012

page three section 4

why pays to read MSDS

dexter109 09/29/2012

For some ungodly reason this didn't gross me out..Please help me.

Treehugger11 09/29/2012

what happens when you inject it on purpose?

icantgetouttahere77 09/29/2012

That was a firefighter who was injected through his gloves by a pinhole leak in a hydraulic line filled with mineral oil. Very messy training accident. Since then fire depts' use a different hydraulic fluid.

flipsideking 09/29/2012

That actually isn't that bad looking as it is fresh. Give it a few days for muscle to start dying off.

I got a call at work for a guy who accidentally injected himself with a resin. It was from a surgeon in the ER and they had the guy's arm cut wide open and were trying to get hardened resin out of his circulatory system. I can only assume that guy lost his arm.

googleyeye 09/29/2012

What happens if you inject hydraulic fluid on purpose?

Crunketh 09/29/2012

its like a microwave burrito whose tortilla didn't hold very well

janoskinugget 09/29/2012

Meanwhile I was under the impression hydraulic fluid is just water or sometimes mineral oil; in other words harmless.

munky9001 09/29/2012

"They Were going to put a band aid on my finger and send me home
I was lucky. By sheer coincidence there was a hand specialist performing surgery at the hospital. Dr. Freeman came to evaluate my injury and declared it a dire emergency."

danger of hydraulic oil injury website


theytakemydragons 09/29/2012

TIL Hydraulic fluid is corrosive.

BackyardMechanic 09/29/2012

Negative. This is what happens when you get your hand cut open for surgery.

hoodis 09/29/2012

As a design engineer working on and testing 5000 PSI hydraulic valves, this scares the fuck out of me.

Vigilent24 09/29/2012

It's a real danger. On submarines, we attend training specifically on the dangers if Hydraulics and HPA systems. If it were to puncture your skin, or were inhaled in a vapor form, it would cause rampant infection and eventual necrosis because of the specific chemicals used in the fluids to enhance longevity under heavy use. If a high pressure hydraulic linkage were to erupt a minute hole, the ...

TBadger 09/29/2012

I was a hydraulics troop on C130's in the air force and this was our motivation not to check for leaks with full system pressure (3000 psi) and our bare hands.

Unique_newyork 09/29/2012

let me just add this to the things i never want to do list

hanzibonzi 09/29/2012

Physics explanation. The figure pretty much explains it all. Basically the force required to lift the car pushes out in all directions so a tiny leak could have thousands of lbs. of pressure condensed into a tiny area.

ToFoolThemIn 09/30/2012