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That Dear friends is a Sun Spider

DaftCapybara 10/15/2012



I'm never wearing pants again.

soulofWren 10/15/2012

There used to be a million of these in my house growing up and they would all mob together in this one room downstairs. When they felt foot vibrations they would run out and attack, and would even chase me.


Also they are no spiders but are in the arachnid family, I think closer related to scorpions. They are awful!!!

bribowie 10/15/2012

While I was wearing them, I should add.

Sparkybear 10/15/2012

Here's a picture of one on my back patio in Arizona. That is a large bag of charcoal near it, for reference. As I tried to take a picture it kept turning and running toward me. I thought it was just a coincidence but when I talked to the local college entomologist he said they are very predatory and was most likely going after me purposely.

Edit: Mine was ...

jrrhea 10/15/2012

At least it pays rent.

klsi832 10/15/2012

when i was in Iraq (Marine), we had a lid to a shipping container that was completely detachable (no hinge) that just happened to be out where we had our guard post. we decided to turn it into a camel spider arena.

thats not the interesting part.

the interesting part is that the first 2 camel spiders that we put in had a fight to the ...

CorporateNINJA 10/15/2012

What's so WTF about that I keep quarters in my pocket all the time.

pauldy 10/15/2012

Did you burn your pants and your house and your lower torso?

SecondTalon 10/15/2012

Wow again? It's even better the second time.

knestleknox 10/15/2012

I legit would've died on the spot in self defense

owlsrule143 10/15/2012

That's the biggest panty cricket I've ever seen.

Oilburner 10/15/2012

That's a US quarter. Thanks for putting the wind scorpion next to it for size reference.

lgmjon64 10/15/2012

Wtf? Looks like some spider/scorpion hellspawn.

[deleted] 10/15/2012

This is why i don't wear pants. Too risky.

whatisthis8 10/15/2012

Saber tooth crotch cricket!

Slow_Death 10/15/2012

Solifuge look kind of derpy. In fact, most arachnids do. They either look derpy or straight from the bowels of Hell, and sometimes both.

Not as derpy as a opilione, though.

Aspel 10/15/2012

Oh god it has ten legs. This is the end.

Shamborsky 10/15/2012

There you go, Wind Scorpion or Sun Spider. They are harmless and considered beneficial because they eat other insects. Not poisonous.

tattedspyder 10/15/2012


[deleted] 10/15/2012

This is the camel spider. You know, those things that everyone said ran 25mph, screamed, ate camels, could jump 10 feet in the air, were a foot long and supposedly killed people? Yeah. That's it. That's all it is. I know in your pants it's scary, but I still find it funny, I used to hear "Don't you know what our troops are dealing with while trying to save us from terrorists with their weapons of ...

rolfraikou 10/15/2012

Welcome to Australia. You won't last long. No one does

Modernfighter44 10/15/2012

You have the most impressive semen.

mrcleatus 10/15/2012

expecting picture of penis, got spider instead.

equally as frightening.

conspiracy_thug 10/15/2012

Oh, that's a quarter. I live in Illinois and I find them in my pants all the time. No need to panic. They are worth .25 US dollars and are about the size of a Sun Spider.

ShhhhOkay 10/16/2012

ah, the rare dick-scorpion only found in the ozarks

dirtyjersey84 10/15/2012

That is the largest pubic lice I have ever seen, looks like you have crabs, time to break out the straight razor

Hector_Albongo 10/15/2012

It escaped from the Marigold Metro Station!

StoneColdNaked 10/15/2012

nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

leirea 10/15/2012

I think everyone forgot the important part of this story. Who cares what this thing is called, and how big it is or isn't. This abomination was in some poor fellow's pants! Fuck!

datdudesb 10/15/2012

Nice try. Quarters don't crawl!

dweebcentric 10/15/2012

That is a "deer killer", that's how we call them here in Northern Mexico.

jonnjonnz83 10/15/2012

That is the smallest camel spider I have ever seen.

SlenderGranDad 10/15/2012

I just made a very odd sound along the lines of "OOAAHHWAAHAHAAAT"

MaunderingVagabond 10/15/2012

one of those crawled on my hand recently when i was in bed. i cried in the bathroom for an hour aha

calamityjess 10/15/2012

I'm sleeping with the lights on now! That is all.

soupforyou 10/15/2012

Maybe you need some of the blue soap.

krepitus 10/15/2012

And this is why I'm not putting pants on today.

mfih1989 10/15/2012

If your a man, Your balls were just in life threatening conditions!

mother_of_gusta 10/15/2012

I checked my pants.

BaggierBag 10/15/2012

So you try giving it money to go away, I get it.

knwtmsyn 10/15/2012

Jebus fuck!

That quarter is massive, where did you find it?

IrishManStain 10/17/2012

and bricks were shat.

tall_giraffes 10/15/2012


StrangeCaptain 10/15/2012

Thanks to you, I shall refrain from wearing pants from this point forward.

m3j4m 10/15/2012

Where did this happen? Please provide a geographic location so that I may avoid this place for the rest of my life.

tattoo_remover 10/15/2012

Burn your pants

StuddedMohawk 10/15/2012

Down voted because it's not on fire.

Cabosan 10/15/2012

wow a quarter!

sgtwonka 10/16/2012

I'm afraid your crabs have super herpes.

flabajaba 10/15/2012

As someone from the UK, this made me wince about 10x more than I should have. Still creepy as hell though.

grapefruitistricky 10/15/2012

Damnit, Washington, what did I tell you about being in redditors pants...

Akhevia 10/15/2012

Was that the fastest you've ever taken your pants off?

CanadaEh97 10/15/2012

I have never removed my pants so quickly

[deleted] 10/15/2012

I thought you were just glad to see me.

Zombie_Bob 10/15/2012

I would literally cry

koala_overlord14 10/15/2012

I would never wear pants again

XPokeGirlX 10/15/2012

FUCK that quater trying to touch your Dick and shit

neroticburrito 10/15/2012

Did anyone else just get fucking ITCHY?

nsway 10/15/2012

OMG! A Quarter! Kill it

Provenzer0 10/15/2012

I expected a penis.

Then I thought if I expected a penis, then why did I still click?

Peanutbutterlobster 10/15/2012

Looks like somebody used a wabberjack on your penis.

MuffinDewz 10/15/2012

One question that everyone is thinking: "How the HELL did THAT get in your pants??"

[deleted] 10/15/2012

You had a quarter crawling around in your pants? weird.

doseone 10/15/2012

Is that a camel spider in your pant, or are you just happy to see me?

15amathis 10/15/2012

flashback to Fallout 3 fire ants... Oh god why

freedomman22 10/15/2012

And there go my pants.

Soggy_tacos 10/15/2012

welp, looks like i'm never wearing ~~pants~~ clothes again

lilyhuynh 10/15/2012

Bye bye trousers, nice knowing you

KelranWhyte 10/15/2012

So about what time did you cut your lower body off?

hymodax373 10/15/2012

OMG. A QUARTER? get it off get it off get it off!

I_Just_Queefed_AMA 10/15/2012

Did anyone else shift uncomfortably and take a peek down their jeans when they saw the picture?

heyamipeeing 10/15/2012

Oh god. Fucking Camel Spiders, man.

Skreech2011 10/15/2012

nope. nope. nope. nope. nope.nope. nope. nope. nope. nope.nope. nope.

AnoHana 10/15/2012

This is why I live in the north.

dirtymitts 10/15/2012

stop offer them money

ifNOTmeTHENwho 10/15/2012


Fullyscared 10/15/2012

There would have been a dung beetle in my pants shortly after finding that in there.

tywebb 10/15/2012

I don't know how you got that much self restraint but I would've sent that little fucker on a one way trip to Allah so fast it would break my legs. Fuck every single thing about that bug.

johnsmcjohn 10/15/2012

Why do I always read the spider stories as I'm about to fall asleep?

Tarijeno 10/16/2012

So glad I live in Britain...

specofdust 10/16/2012

Guarantee everyone who clicked on this thread either 1) felt this mother fucker "crawling up their leg" 2) looked in their pants to make sure this motherfucker WASN'T crawling up their leg

AustinnP 10/16/2012

i think i'm getting old... i have no courage left to click on these things

lockhamster 10/16/2012

AAAFdskjeefhrgjdsfwerwekregkdgdfd SCORPIONS, CAMEL SPIDERS, SPIDERS PERIOD. AHKJHFjdshefkjghdfgfdgnfgf Sprays Raid everywhere NO NO NO NO.

KiisuTheMagnificent 10/16/2012

Doesn't matter had sex.

Coypop 10/16/2012

Can we boycott pants please?

[deleted] 10/16/2012

That would have ruined me for LIFE.

DiceyWhat 10/16/2012

Greatttt. Today every time I think I have an itch in my pants my brain is going to flag it as a scrotum hungry camel spider. Thanks Reddit.

qb3d 10/16/2012

I just had images of this thing running at you shouting "IMMA FUCK YO SHIT UP!!!!!" in a voice similar to Michael Clarke Duncan's.

xCassiopeiAx 10/17/2012