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TIL I'm old as fuck for remembering this when it happened

milowashere 03/10/2013

Why is every other passenger on the roller coaster a woman dressed like a Greek goddess?

freecandy_van 03/10/2013


[deleted] 03/10/2013

Brent Butt has a great take on this-

Pedro105 03/10/2013

This actually happened 14 years ago

DavidRandom 03/10/2013

Is that his blood or the goose's?

saalsa_shark 03/10/2013

Apollo's Chariot

Park: Busch Gardens Williamsburg (Williamsburg, Virginia, USA)

Designer: Bolliger & Mabillard

Year: 1999


More info:

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RollerCoasterID 03/10/2013

Until Verbolten, that was my favorite coaster at BGW.

NoahtheRed 03/10/2013

Wow reddit is young. This was huge "news" when it happened

vulcuncannon 03/10/2013

How old am I? I remember when this was in the news...God.

flaxamax 03/10/2013

This is the subject of one of my favorite Brent Butt bits! Brent Butt Fabio

niceguy191 03/10/2013

Hes got that "Don't fucking touch me" face on.

Locrus 03/10/2013

I like how the girls next to him are just like "Cool!"

Edit: Girls, not guys

nomansland333 03/10/2013

NO ONE can resist Fabio, not even a goose.

wittywaffles 03/10/2013

Is that his blood...? Or the gooses?

DekuBud 03/10/2013

When were you born that you just learned this? This was the biggest news EVER when it happened.

cowheadcow 03/10/2013

Awesome coaster. Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

rusty2fan86 03/10/2013

I lived in VA when this happened. It was all over the news for weeks for some damn reason.

mildxsalsa 03/10/2013

That was a hard time for us all.

sdaciuk 03/10/2013

I truly cannot imagine how funny that must have been to witness.

itmakesyouthink 03/10/2013

It just wanted to be close to that glorious man.

Carlc4 03/10/2013

The girl next to him is like 'Oh Fabio, you silly'.

DaVicii 03/10/2013

Funny Story. My cousin was one of the hired greek goddesses sitting only a couple rows behind Fabio. She will never ride Apollos Chariot again because blood splattered on her face. Oops!

Sweet_Tay 03/10/2013

I can't believe its not bloodier.

oderint_dum_metuant 03/10/2013

I had not laughed on the hole day, but you good sir made me laugh. I´m very thankful for this. Now I can go to sleep.

Super_NiceGuy 03/10/2013

Yea, and it was on every fuckin channel for a month.

warowords 03/10/2013

Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Apollo's Chariot. Was a publicity stunt for the ride opening. Bird flew in and hit him in the face.

urban_hermit 03/10/2013


Join us

TwoStrokeTommy 03/10/2013

Apollos Chariot at Busch Gardens. My favorite coaster.

xXTheDaymanXx 03/10/2013

Most bizarre story of the day...I had no idea this happened. That probably hurt like a son of a bitch.

vsky 03/10/2013

So a goose riding a roller coaster hit Fabio in the face? Who let the goose on the roller coaster?

hopsinduo 03/10/2013

I remember hearing about this on the news and then promptly taking a trip to Busch Gardens to ride the rollercoaster. Best PR stunt ever...even though it wasn't planned.

lazyparrot 03/10/2013

Not the face!!! ANYTHING BUT THE FACE!!!

crystaltwilight 03/10/2013

Every time I ride that roller coaster, I get the giggles from picturing Fabio's situation. I know one day karma is going to goose smack me in the face but I'm prepared.

seneca_falls 03/10/2013

That lady next to him is all like "You just got hit in the face by a goose LOL"

Boel_Jarkley 03/10/2013

I hope the goose is ok.

trollinDC 03/10/2013

at least he had his fabiettes there for moral support

eibelandr 03/10/2013

It was a pidgeon. Not a goose

TIWIPT 03/10/2013

Up-voted for the simple fact you see him with a bloody nose.

badst33l 03/10/2013

Twist: The Goose is now pregnant.

DariusTheBishop 03/10/2013

The goose was just innocently flying along. Fabio smashed his face into the goose at a high rate of speed, the fake butter-slurping douche.

rasputin777 03/10/2013

naw, I'm pretty sure the girl next to him was just on her period.

psycho_logy 03/10/2013


It's kind of dumb, doesn't show birdstrike.

a_little_drunk 03/10/2013

I remember watching an interview with him talking about this incident a long time ago. He made a funny joke about how it wasnt a goose but was actually a cat. Tried to put it off like its a common occurance and then said "what, havent you ever had a pussy make a mess of your face?" or something like that. Funny guy that Fabio...

outuvstep 03/10/2013

A goose on a roller-coaster? What on earth was it doing there?

thorn312 03/10/2013

It all went according to plan.

Obtuse_rubber_goose 03/10/2013

I am everywhere, and there was a debt to settle.

Diablos_Goose 03/10/2013

That goose wanted to destroy something beautiful

poopagore 03/10/2013

You can really tell that the OP lives in a bubble.

80sKid 03/10/2013

How did you not know about this?

Ryugi 03/10/2013

and the bitch sitting next to him just laughed

[deleted] 03/10/2013

What about the goose?

WTCMolybdenum4753 03/10/2013

Damn. Busch Gardens, right? I'm going there soon and I was just reading about this. Coincidence.

MattC42 03/10/2013

Drachen fire was a better coaster. Jk. Fuck drachen fire.

slapded 03/10/2013

Thank you for reminding me that this happened. Probably my favorite thing ever.

LindseyBarnesmahgerd 03/10/2013

Do not be fooled. It was the time of the month for the girl next to him.

engeldestodes 03/10/2013