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Did you ask him about Rampart?

Lt_Faggotry 09/27/2012

Dude, you've been here for 4 months and 20 days.

4 months

20 days

[deleted] 09/27/2012

8 year olds, dude

Hugs_n_Nugs 09/27/2012

I see your friends enjoy softdrink themed shirts

cripes0103 09/27/2012

Here come the Rampart jokes...

Iamspamable 09/27/2012

why are you on here if you're 15? seriously...this is what's wrong with this subreddit

downvoter_tron 09/27/2012

That's a nice picture, but how was Rampart? Did he tell you how good it was?

civilian11214 09/27/2012

inb4 Rampart circlejerk

MastahShake 09/27/2012

I like his shirt and all, but come on guys, we really need to stay focused on Rampart.

samsonthesaxman 09/27/2012

we don't take kindly to people like him around here

noobpwnzer 09/27/2012

i uptoked for how you described yourself :D

TianaTrench 09/27/2012

I feel old.

[deleted] 09/27/2012

He really needs to come forward and be like' I fucked up, my publicists said do this on this site, I did it not really understanding the site or its community. Let me make it up with a real AMA.'

That's one of the very very few ways he could clean himself from the Rampart taint I always associate with him.

couchdude 09/27/2012

Nothing a little Photoshop can't fix my frient. That shirt... that shirt would take me a little bit longer...

alfabetsoop 09/27/2012

What's with the soda themed shirts?

mccarls 09/27/2012

Tokin' black guy. <3

Waxdec 09/27/2012

He looks stoned out of his mind. But can we talk about Rampart for a minute.

gjwsnr 09/27/2012

So did he steal anyone's date?

tardisrider613 09/27/2012

Somehow i feel you're less in the picture because your eyes are closed.

comienzo 09/27/2012

I'm only upvoting this because you called yourself a dumbass.

Digitalkthx 09/27/2012

thats a dope shirt woody

SquidMaster52 09/27/2012

Even though he's probably your friend, that black guy looks like he's photobombing you.

irvinestrangler 09/27/2012

Were your eyes closed or were you just so high?

Odnetnin90 09/28/2012


[deleted] 09/28/2012

So I guess it's okay to mention Woody on reddit now.

herp_derpenstein 09/27/2012

Tard haha and wtf is rampart?

framburglar 09/27/2012