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Its weird, but i can remember the single time ive accidentally seen nipples more vividly than some girls ive slept with.

RTS83 07/11/2012

i have female friends, go swimming to water parks, and this has never happened.

why have the Old gods betrayed me?

[deleted] 07/11/2012

I'll give you a hint about NSFW:

( . Y . ) and 8=====D are not NSFW.

Radico87 07/12/2012

I've worked at a water park for 3 years.

This never happens. Fucking ever.

Gamer_Stix 07/12/2012

Today I came home from work, got on reddit and saw this cartoon. I thought damn, why doesn't shit like that ever happen around me? At 745 I had a kickball game (my company has a team in the city league, shut up it's kind of fun). The single hottest chick at my work, late 20's long black hair, fit as hell, was on 2nd base- and a dumbass went charging into her to get on base before the ball got ...

Subtle_Knight 07/12/2012

I grew up in cape coral! Upvote for Sunsplash!

Oh_yea_ 07/11/2012

Op, I live in Cape Coral too. Do you go to Mariner ?

tonygcccp 07/11/2012

WHy do people keep marking comics nsfw?

The-Dudemeister 07/11/2012

Happened at a friends pool party to one of my hot friends. Made my summer much better.

otterman7000 07/12/2012

Is her name Karen, by any chance?? :0

SneakyLulz 07/12/2012

A Picture of her prehaps?

Bresdin 07/12/2012

Why would you use Prequel Trilogy Obi-Wan for the line "Hello There"?

namith 07/11/2012

I misread that as "Waterpick Nip Slip." My first thought--how the hell does a waterpick lead to a nipslip?

ImpishGrin 07/12/2012

Can someone please explain that last panel with Obi-Wan to me?

Ace1999 07/12/2012

My wife said this happened to her on a water slide when she was about 16 or so.


SicilianEggplant 07/12/2012

And then the integrity of the pool was sullied with the filth of your fappage.

BaakCha 07/12/2012

1st panel - Forever alone face...

2nd panel - Waiting for his friends to end their ride...

OP is a faggot who doesn't understand the memes he uses.

Doctective 07/12/2012

so where is the funny part?

hyperspacesquirrel 07/12/2012

A suit? A bit overdressed for a pool, don't you think?

admdelta 07/12/2012

Sunsplash is a dangerous place for bikinis. Honestly, the place should just go full-nude and call it a day.

Margot23 07/12/2012


[deleted] 07/12/2012


[deleted] 07/12/2012

Came here expecting real pictures...not sure if I should laugh, or feel sorry for myself.

[deleted] 07/12/2012

happened to a girl I was datings sister while we were playing tennis. It was amazing.

alphawolf29 07/12/2012

Sunsplash in Roseville, CA? I live pretty close by there. Odd seeing a comic about something so familiar! :p

captpiggard 07/12/2012

"Glad to see you've come to hang out"

reformingfeature 07/12/2012

I actually went to this splash park about a week ago while I was visiting my grandma in Cape Coral. I nearly lost the bottoms of my bikini on the white slides.

kyahiers 07/12/2012

Ahhh..... Kids.

loginorreg 07/12/2012

This has happened to me one too many times. I always wear a tank top when I go on slides now. No more free boobies :P

Sharkiiie 07/12/2012

Alright, cartoon boob.

1984comment 07/12/2012

OMFG A REDDITOR NEAR ME! I never felt so close!

jedwin916 07/12/2012

what happened next?

drk221 07/12/2012

Guess what. Even female friends have all of those womanly parts you enjoy so much. Film at 11, or right now on Redtube...

AliasUndercover 07/12/2012

Yeah.. I learned the hard way to never wear bandeau swim tops.

Cormasaurus 07/12/2012

My dream job is to be the lifeguard at the bottom part of the pool of the slides.

iloveboba 07/12/2012

This only happens to my girlfriends.

igrekov 07/12/2012

Stuff like this never happens to me...

Magnicth 07/12/2012

  1. Attempt to hug her, (not awkward hug)
  2. Comment about how sexy she are.
  3. Point out about her swimsuit, (to ensure she will looking down; say "I love the top")
  4. Profit???????????

CarbonOxygen 07/12/2012


AdamRitch 07/12/2012

oh god something like this sorted happenes to me, at a pool party my friend with good tits dove off the diving bored and her entire bra fell off, all the guys jumped in and tried to cop a feel

ZebraBurger 07/12/2012

I read a post just like this on /r/nsfw yesterday in the comments. weird.

closetkid 07/12/2012

Saw the NSFW tag and was disappointed.

emobigfoot 07/12/2012


ThisIsOriginalUser 07/12/2012