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This is a weaved blunt wrap. It was made hollow and is ready to stuff. This one could contain about 3 grams but you could make them any size you wish.

Thank you for looking

TonyGreenHand 01/07/2014

Shouldn't it be 'woven'?

the-one-in-time 01/07/2014

I wouldn't want to smoke it, I would want to put it in a glass case on the mantle its a things of beauty!

kevrwheeler 01/07/2014

this is the type of blunt you smoke on the best days of your life-getting laid, getting a job, getting married, winning the lottery, having a child, the list could go on haha

lukasmandingo 01/07/2014

This thing is amazing. any chance you will do a how to video?

BigEent 01/07/2014

Oh, great and powerful man who weaves blunts, teach me your weavey ways

steezmasterJones 01/07/2014

Damn that must've taken a lot of dedication and time. Very nice job, man!

ReallyCooked 01/07/2014

will you be my dream weaver, help me make it through the night.

becklebear 01/07/2014

.... I would like to study under you.

hlessiforever 01/07/2014

looks cool but would that even work....?

Shackled 01/07/2014

how long does it take to make one of these?

mwhittle 01/07/2014

Serious question: I'm at about a [6] now and I'm going crazy thinking if it's weaved or woven. Too lazy to google.

zeshtorm 01/07/2014

If someone gave that to me, I would put it in a glass case for a couple of years to make sure everyone I know has seen it at least once.

I would make as many conversations about it as possible.

Then maybe after a year, I may consider using this piece of art.

Learxst 01/07/2014

Holy tits nigga

Thugleif 01/07/2014

Holy shit that's amazing!

CreativePirate 01/07/2014

You're a master of your art. Beautiful.

Hervey182 01/07/2014

Man that had to be a B to make.

Basedgod912 01/07/2014

I hate to be the "guy" but...bullshit?

XFlipFlopX 01/07/2014

The biggest waste of time i have ever seen, but it looks cool.

Wheniod 01/07/2014

I wouldn't want to smoke it. I would put it away somewhere for display and probably end up smoking it later.

Paradox011 01/07/2014

This is almost too beautiful to smoke...almost.

kagekitsune116 01/07/2014

Too beautiful to burn...couldn't do it.

somanyroads 01/07/2014

Oh my beautiful.

chessmaster9000 01/07/2014

Don't you mean woven, genius?

Toni-Lynn 01/07/2014

this. is. beautiful.

freckle_monstah 01/07/2014

Woah how'd you weave it?

jennylfrank 01/07/2014

I feel like it would almost be a shame to smoke it...

Apostle_of_Fire 01/07/2014

We need to be able to buy these in tobacco shops. Someone make this happen.

NippleMoustaches 01/07/2014

"Its almost a shame to smoke it, like killing a unicorn... with like, a bomb."

ThisGuyOnEarth 01/07/2014

It looks like a wicker blunt

Collegetoker 01/07/2014

WOAH. wonder how it smokes.

Ooowst 01/07/2014

That's pretty impressive. How well did it end up smoking?

Lannex24 01/07/2014

You dun goof'd now.

crunkisifoshizi 01/07/2014

chinese finger trap

blameitonmyADDbaby 01/07/2014

I can't even comprehend this. [7]

dudeyouhavenoidea 01/07/2014

Did you use gloves? All I can think of is how harsh this would hit because of all the oils deposited on it from your hands. It looks very nice though.

XdigitalXdeathX 01/07/2014

I don't always upvote on /trees, but when I do, I'm on trees.

Benderton 01/07/2014

A ent mouth will keep your mouth trapped for about 15 minutes

conspiracyhippie 01/07/2014

This is one of those things after sitting back and watching it all go up in smoke, you say to yourself "Well, thats an hour I will never get back".

UndefinedExperience 01/07/2014

too pretty to smoke.

caitlikesith 01/07/2014

Don't smoke. Too pretty.

roseberrysauce 01/07/2014

Well, I'll be damned. It's the great TonyGreenHand himself!

EpicSnackPack 01/07/2014

thats beautiful

Nage 01/07/2014

How does it smoke?

Lumpy- 01/07/2014

You're the best Tony. Did you buy or make this? and if you made it; how?

core90 01/07/2014

What is this sorcery?!

originalsoul 01/07/2014

So how did you make that?

PlinyTheElderscrolls 01/08/2014

shut up and take my money !

Whoompy 01/08/2014

I wouldn't even want to smoke that masterpiece!!

Stoniford 01/08/2014

But how did many like?...just how? [2]

bobby52198 01/08/2014