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"The Club can't even handle me right now."

Dr_Medic345 11/03/2012

Lisa Loring. Was married to a porn actor and now works as a bus driver.

schoocher 11/03/2012

man, I posted this days ago and got 2 upvotes... the internet is a cold hearted bitch.

MMasterpasqua 11/03/2012

Never Again.

title | comnts | points | age | /r/ :--|:--|:--|:--|:-- Wednesday Addams dancing | 71^coms | 1570^pts | 4^hrs | funny Wednesday got a brand new bag. | 1^com | 4^pts | 3^dys | GifSound [preordered black ops 2 hardened edition ...

Tonka_Tough 11/03/2012

O.O Dayum, girl got moves like gomez

Jotunfaoir 11/03/2012

I was kinda hoping it'd be the Christina Ricci version. That girl was creeepy.

wowshamwow 11/03/2012


[deleted] 11/03/2012

We're almost up to 30 reposts of this! WE CAN DO IT!

sgtmattkind 11/03/2012


[deleted] 11/03/2012

Can someone please edit this so it loops better? that shake is bothering me

baxterg13 11/03/2012


[deleted] 11/03/2012

Am I the only one who sees that she is dancing like James Brown?

VersatileLight 11/03/2012


[deleted] 11/03/2012

Probably one of the most under appreciated shows ever, as well as the Munsters.

chooch138 11/03/2012

cedric from the mars volta?

urethraFranklin1 11/03/2012

So is anyone watching the new TV series?

[deleted] 11/03/2012

Heeeeeey creepy lady!! oppa Addams style.

kowalofjericho 11/03/2012

Can't stop watching

Joshuamichaelg 11/03/2012

Well.. That's the most creative title I've seen for this gif.

Sweet_Fanny_Adams 11/03/2012

i was listening to some heavy drum and bass when i clicked this. perfect.

krazbass 11/03/2012

That is some good shit

ShenaniganCannon 11/03/2012

Dude looks like Dolph Lundgren...

fucking_leverpostej 11/03/2012

reminds me of the "HEYYYYYY SEXY LADYY" dance from Gangnam Style...

rahvin37 11/03/2012


[deleted] 11/03/2012


[deleted] 11/03/2012

What the hell were the Addams family? I understand they were fictitious but it never explained what they were doing or why we should accept them in all their weirdness!? I just never got it, these guys and the Munsters, I think I'm missing something.

Achillesbellybutton 11/03/2012

This is my new, "I give no fucks, Sir" gif.

pokethepig 11/03/2012

"Retired from acting, Loring now works as a school bus driver in rural western Oregon."

source: Wikipodian

Vranak 11/03/2012

That's a keeper.

foDollaz 11/03/2012

dont worry lurch, ill always think youre boss

KitchitiKipi 11/03/2012

Surprisingly cheerful.

as1126 11/03/2012

Everyday she shuffling

mbald 11/03/2012

the fuck is this shit

HulkingBrute 11/03/2012

just opened this while listening to gangnam style. greatest thing ever.

weskoke 11/03/2012


[deleted] 11/03/2012

I watched the addams family movie 2 nights ago

ecudorian 11/03/2012

Synchronicity achieved: Was playing Ice Cube's 'Wicked' before I clicked this.

Ivegotmyshovel 11/03/2012

Was hoping for something more along the lines of Black Snake Moan.

7_legged_spider 11/03/2012

Please, please, watch this while listening to "And I was A Boy From School" by Hot Chip.

closerdivision 11/03/2012

That's how I dance to impress women. It never works :(

cavs8 11/03/2012

Someone put 'Didn't read lol!' on this please.

Remmib 11/03/2012

You know you want to see it. (NSFW)

date_grape 11/03/2012

She got the moves!

nikolaiownz 11/03/2012

If we can get some fire starting under her feet made of upvotes, that'd be great.

dwellercmd 11/03/2012

whatevr hapened to tis actess did she deid???

edit: nop

Vranak 11/03/2012

I was listening to music and it sinced up perfectly.

deathsparrow 11/03/2012

teach me how to dougie teach-teach me how to dougie.

notjawn 11/03/2012

The Club Can't Even Handle My Swag.

Howdy_McGee 11/03/2012

I put the caption "swag" with that gif and got a lot of likes on tumblr.

Hotpotabo 11/03/2012

I was just watching this while Knife Party's Internet Friends was one, worked perfectly.

x3nopon 11/03/2012

Was listening to the Funky Cold Medina when I saw this. Epicness ensued.

fearthejaybie 11/03/2012

Everyday I'm SHufflin'!

waderrick 11/03/2012

Mittens? Is that you?

rdm9313 11/03/2012

My grandfather played high school football with the man who played Lurch.

Micknichole 11/03/2012

wish I could dance like this.

blackspottedleopard 11/03/2012

I dunno, it's no mamooshka

xipetotec1973 11/03/2012

"No one on the corner's got swagger like us".

VicYesterday 11/03/2012


wiggleurtoe 11/04/2012

I can't stop laughing. Ron Swanson remix.

gumbagumba 11/03/2012

Every Deep House club event ever.

was this playing?

KrazyEyezKilla 11/03/2012