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I said the same thing when she grabbed my penis.

Chessbro 02/12/2013

Seeing as how you're in high school. Yeah that's creepy as fuck.

Source: Your posts.

Sutekhy 02/12/2013

If you don't let me, he won't.

The_Time_Master 02/12/2013

I sometimes wonder if Redditors just have hilarious girlfriends, and terrible senses of humor.

RosieJo 02/13/2013

Seriously, i cant take any of these seriously, just because i wanna bang OAG so bad.

fausja 02/13/2013

This is actually a way cool thing for a girl to say. The kind of crazy and out there that hints at an interesting, but not dangerous, personality. Not what this macro would make it seem like.

She's a keeper OP.

1trull2many 02/12/2013


edit: finish your feel, then run

[deleted] 02/12/2013

My boobs are for male playtime only. No milk's ever gonna be coming out of them. Blech.

ArgonGryphon 02/13/2013

Here is what the linked Quickmeme image says in case the site goes down or you can't reach it:

>Title: What my girlfriend told my while I was grabbing her breast yesterday.

>Meme: Overly Attached Girlfriend


>^〘Direct〙 ^〘Background〙 ...

qkme_transcriber 02/12/2013

It is weird how we are so fixated on boobs when we are babies, and then fixated again when we're adults, right down to nipple play. We're all just overgrown babies, aren't we? Sex is weird.

Downbound92 02/13/2013

At first i read it as "What my girlfriend told my wife..."

midnight_wood 02/12/2013

Don't care, love boobs

BrahjMahal 02/12/2013

Well it WAS.

[deleted] 02/12/2013


[deleted] 02/13/2013

Said no girl ever.

rgaminghere 02/13/2013

Slight mood killer there.

notapunk 02/13/2013


[deleted] 02/13/2013

It sure is. The milk's also pretty good.

SolSeptem 02/12/2013

That's one way to kill a boner.

ILikeBadgers 02/13/2013

This kills the boner.

LongRod_VanHugendong 02/13/2013

if she was joking..hah hah. if she was serious.. RUN.

IHv2RtrnSumVdeotapes 02/13/2013

Run man.....

L3WIIS 02/13/2013

That's weird. Mine said the same thing yesterday.


In the immortal words of Jean-Ralphio, "Drop that bitch, get out of there."

Felixer86 02/13/2013

Breasts are for food and pleasure.

Malcontent90 02/13/2013

I would kill to have a girl like this.

Grey_Wolf_24 02/13/2013

Kids can't drink from bags of sand.

TheBaltimoron 02/13/2013

Run like yo' pants on fire and don't look back.

ss_camaro 02/13/2013

My girlfriend has said that too. IDK you should probs take it as a compliment, it means she really likes you and sees a future with you, that is a big deal for a girl. But not gonna lie, really weird at the time.

Montepelier 02/13/2013

Breasts are like toy trains; they're meant for children, but daddy ends up playing with them.

dalgeek 02/13/2013

Am I the only one who thinks 90% of these OAG "memes" never happened?

SakiSumo 02/13/2013

Condoms... Again I say it..... Condoms.

Crazyinbetween 02/13/2013

Dude, run!

kartek 02/13/2013

your girlfriend sounds like a bonerkill

QuadriplegicEgo 02/13/2013

Leave her now!

PublicPool 02/13/2013

Run. Now.

guitarelf 02/13/2013

You're on the right path to be told in a few months "that's what you get for sticking your dick in crazy".

[deleted] 02/13/2013

My advice, run.

lexsird 02/13/2013

You had a boner aaaaaand, its gone!

Tackgnol 02/13/2013

this happened

[deleted] 02/13/2013

Look her in the eye and say "I'm gonna drink from there, too."

ChickinSammich 02/13/2013

You mean that your ex-girlfriend said that, right?

Totenglocke42 02/13/2013


StanStan 02/13/2013

It was kinda reversed for me yesterday... I said to my gf that if she ever have children she couldn't breastfeed them because she would just get wet. With the appropriate soundeffects and yes I am disgusting.

ThisIsMyFloor 02/13/2013

Unless she was joking, I would break up with my SO for saying that.

brvheart 02/13/2013

go to kitchen, grab carton of milk, return "it doesn't really do anything for me."

ElephantIntheThread 02/13/2013

"As long as he doesn't mind sucking on the place millions of his brothers and sisters have died."

SIOS 02/13/2013

Yes. Yes it is.

moxiedrinker82 02/13/2013

Creepy...very, very creepy.

cy0nknight 02/13/2013

Trust me, if and when that actually happens they'll be very different breasts. (in a good way)

ertebolle 02/13/2013

::slowly retract hand from breast and wipe on pant leg::


NecroGod 02/13/2013

haha girlfriends! oh man, classic

mishakaz 02/13/2013

Run bro.

farlol 02/13/2013

Annnndd he's gone..

toran28 02/13/2013

The answer is "yes"

catsarebadpeople 02/13/2013

No. It's not nice, it's fucking fantastic.

IdleChatMeister 02/13/2013

Did you tell her yes?

Xcavor 02/13/2013

"Thank God for Greyhound, I'm Gone"

Luv da country and western!

twotimer 02/13/2013

i think about this every time i take a swig from my sippy cup

[deleted] 02/13/2013

me*, you incompetent fuck.

[deleted] 02/13/2013

that's weird

GlenCoco511 02/13/2013

Yes, yes it is.

ricepalace 02/13/2013

Who is she? Catelyn??

Mauldy 02/13/2013

My wife says it ruins the mood when I play or sing this...

cwmcbeejr 02/13/2013

pics or it didn't happen

dogpoopandbees 02/13/2013

This sounds like it should be a pick up line on Game Of Thrones.

HeavyAbacus 02/13/2013

Boner killer

Graywolves 02/13/2013

The correct answer is yes

Commander_Malander 02/13/2013

Massive dissapointment. Read as "What my gf told my wife ..."

bleeping_noodle 02/13/2013

OP then finished drying the sippy-cup he was washing and said "yeah, I guess."

vyyle 02/13/2013

No she didn't. You don't have a girlfriend.

[deleted] 02/14/2013

I'm pretty sure... that I will stick to condoms. I'd probably go to and buy some condoms AND make her stay on her birth control just to be sure. :)

onlinecondoms 04/25/2013