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This is an incredibly misleading picture and title. I have this issue of Nat Geo, and the article is actually about how the Census Bureau is flawed in their categories of racial identity. There are about 15 different people profiled, all of mixed race, showing what they identify themselves as and what "box" they check when identifying their race. It says between 2000 and 2010 there has been a 32% ...

mcboobies 10/06/2013

Oh damn, I'm gonna be a woman?

Inigo93 10/06/2013

I'd fuck us

sectorfour 10/06/2013

An image of the so-called "average American" in 2013 should have been included as a frame of reference.

ashowofhands 10/06/2013

Except 100 lbs. heavier.

streamstroller 10/06/2013

Didn't scientists say that this is would be average skin tone of everyone in the US in the 70s-80? Because that happened......

RFDIABLO 10/06/2013

I think the title is misleading because she is a real person. The NatGeo Story exemplifies that as time goes by there will be more multiracial people in America due to racial mixing. This picture is one of the picture of a mixed-race girl who cannot check a particular race-box in regular forms.

>The U.S. Census Bureau ...

EatRoganJosh 10/06/2013

That is only 37 years away. One to two generations away. There isn't going to be that much mixing of races in 37 years that people will look the same.

That being said in 37 years white people will be a minority and whatever the dominate race is might look like this.

The_Perverted_Arts 10/06/2013

Wouldn't the average American of 2050 look really similar to the average American of today?

shouldhaverolled 10/06/2013

Where do the golden eyes come from?

Who is keeping Pokemon in their family tree

Jamesd81792 10/06/2013

"You look very exotic. Was your dad a GI?"

matthewtheninja 10/06/2013

Oh no! We'll all look like Rashida Jones...

maabsta 10/06/2013


[deleted] 10/06/2013

the average person will also have 0.9 testicles

gobuchul74 10/06/2013

No it isn't. This is from the "Changing Faces" piece in National Geographic, it's not a prediction of what Americans will look like in 2050. It's just a commentary on personal identity.

<a ...

pumahog 10/06/2013

We're all going to look like River Song!

[deleted] 10/06/2013

I'd like to see what their stereotypical man will look like...?

otsacelyk 10/06/2013

OP is that fucker who posts nothing but "America sucks, Europe rules" trolling garbage.

fuckfuckrfuckfuck 10/06/2013

I don't think thats what Nat-Geo said. I believe it was just to point out there we are beoming more diverse and that most people aren't ust black or white. This chick is actually biracial. Source. I subscribe to NatGeo and never read anything about that being an average American. Remember the Average person has 1 tit and 1 testicle.

diphiminaids 10/06/2013

I'll allow it...

G3ML1NGZ 10/06/2013

Apparently we're all going to be fucking gorgeous.

inksmudged 10/06/2013

Except a 100 pounds heavier.

red_right_88 10/06/2013

Everyone will be rashida Jones

titanic_swimteam 10/06/2013

You look exotic, was your dad a G.I.?

Karen....A...A...A Filippelli!

Wardcity 10/06/2013

She's missing about 300 pounds.

gorvetus 10/06/2013

this makes no sense. 50 years ago, nobody looked that much different from now

DSTFU 10/06/2013

These comments are terrible.

CondorP16 10/06/2013

I'd be damn ok with that walking around everywhere.

thebeeze_neeze46 10/06/2013

The average American is going to get sexy as fuck.

ConstableCornelius 10/06/2013

Can we give awards to all of those in the comment section making fat jokes? I think they deserve it for their originality and creativity!


Enjjoi 10/06/2013

I'd hit it.

goat_blower 10/06/2013

So my son is going to be a woman?

[deleted] 10/06/2013

We will all be women?

Spear585 10/06/2013

I'm an average American, and I'll be pretty surprised if I look like that as a 70 year-old man.

HoJuSimpson 10/06/2013

We're all gonna be hot chicks!!!

707RiverRat 10/06/2013

Soooo....Rashida Jones? Im ok with this

Noturordinaryguy 10/06/2013

I doubt that.

frogphilosophy 10/06/2013

Sweet jesus where will the white people be?!?!?

stephendarussian 10/06/2013

We're turning into gold?

Droront 10/06/2013

...yellow eyes...

Goumbush 10/06/2013

The future looks pretty good to me

archer93 10/06/2013

Unfortunately with the poor healthcare and diet, we're not going to look nearly this attractive.

yetanotheracct64 10/06/2013

fckin goobacks gonna take our jerbs

left4dread 10/06/2013

Im going to be younger?

amanns 10/06/2013

So.... they basically gave a tanned white girl a black guy's lips and a black girl's nappy hair?

09112001 10/06/2013

I'm going to be a woman?

MattMurdock_Esq 10/06/2013

Shenanigans. The real answer would be too boring to publish, so they have to do something unique that will pique your interest. We look almost the same 100 years ago in photographs, why would that change drastically in the next 40?

TheFett32 10/06/2013

Will it have a penis or will gender no longer exist?

RememberToWipe 10/06/2013

I, for one, welcome the inauguration of New Lesbos.

someauthor 10/06/2013

Rashida Jones?

Lyanroar 10/06/2013

Ann from parks and rec?

Heyeahyeahyeah 10/06/2013

Really? I see four recessive traits in this picture.

alliknowis 10/06/2013

and average american? seriously wtf does that mean

Bobwehadababyitsagir 10/06/2013

Im ok with this

Hyperien 10/06/2013


saintv 10/06/2013

Thank God I'll be dead by then. I won't have to worry about looking hideously ugly compared to all of the beautiful "average" people.

nonnarB 10/06/2013

What does the "average" person look like right now Nat-Geo?

ColtCommander 10/06/2013

Average american will be above average-ly hot.

u_dingus 10/06/2013

It's a bullshit title, the article in question said no such thing.

BorderlineAspergers 10/06/2013

Am I the only one who's fine with this?

dintmeister 10/06/2013

is there a picture of a guy?

andrew-wiggin 10/06/2013

there's too much variety in the human species to give this picture any significance.

and as already mentioned, i don't even know what an average american looks like today.

misterrunon 10/06/2013

Fit, and black...ish?

Kruger2147 10/06/2013

Ann Perkins?

theintention 10/06/2013

yeah I mean I highly doubt we'll all have sparkling GOLD eyes but other than that, seems pretty spot on

myelination 10/06/2013

And I will 88 years old.

ProfThadBach 10/06/2013


CriminalMacabre 10/06/2013

I see you're predicting my death, National Geographic. Well played.

nullibicity 10/06/2013

I think I can live with that.

Meesterman 10/06/2013

Funny. I'm half Irish half Jewish and at one time in the near past that was mixed. My kids are white/black. So are his cousins. At daycare, you have no idea whose kids are whose. Its a small sample,but i could see it.

MWolman1981 10/06/2013

Well, Dave Chapelle called it. Everyone's going to be beige.

vaporsnake 10/06/2013

Does someone have the article?

MDuke1 10/06/2013

Looks a lot like Rashida Jones

[deleted] 10/06/2013

So... the same as today?

Kinglink 10/06/2013

Wait, what does the average American look like right now?

Adremmalech 10/06/2013

She looks like someone from Montserrat. Which is mostly made up of people who can trace their lineage back to Ireland where during the height of the various slave trades, Dublin was the main trading port. Slavers took worthless white Irish slaves and bred them with black African slaves who were worth more on the market. Far as I know, white Irish slaves were worth 5 pounds, black African slaves ...

ragnar0ck 10/06/2013

This is assuming racial groups will intermarry. Some people self segregate but hopefully that isn't the norm.

aguysomewhere 10/06/2013

This isn't what the article said, misleading as hell. Why do you do this OP?

lulzbringer 10/06/2013

I would not mind.

anxhelino1234 10/06/2013