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OP es un maricón

cant_help_myself 02/15/2013

You need to know common phrases to better interact in the culture.

Ninjorman 02/15/2013

Carro? That's actually the Spanish word for car? Sounds more like something you'd make up when you no speako the lingo...

ekolis 02/15/2013

When i was studying in Japan i taught English for money and in one of the most popular English textbooks in Japan had one of my favorite conversations

"Your father is very muscular, is he a Boxer?"

"No, he is in the Mafia"

Mishmash34 02/15/2013

These fucking comments... When did reddit decide that racism was a good substitute for wit?

Jonmad17 02/15/2013

Racist. Fucking racist sentences.

yeathl 02/15/2013

Comic Sans

harakirii 02/15/2013

Aprendiendo Español: Stereotype Edition

huskerfan327 02/15/2013

It's entirely reasonable to be nervous in the middle of the night. It's dark and full of terrors, after all.

Bumgill 02/15/2013

hahhaha que clase de examen se supone que sea este! estos malditos estan dando un mal ejemplo

shotokan1492 02/15/2013

Obviously this is for Mexico Spanish, not Spain Spanish.

mishugashu 02/15/2013

let me guess - Arizona

Fig1024 02/15/2013

The first sentence actually says "when I robbed the first car", not "my first car."

horsedeer 02/15/2013

If you have to ask, fake ones.

FCDRandy 02/15/2013

~~[upside-down question mark]~~ ¿Donde esta la biblioteca?

andrewsad1 02/15/2013

ITT: Suburban White Americans who are debating Spanish incorrectly. (Also, many of you are racist fucks)

Gh0stw0lf 02/15/2013

I'm just going to go out on a limp and asume those examples where made by yet another surprisingly ignorant 'MURICAN who thinks that the only people in the world that speak spanish are mexicans, who also thinks all mexicans are poor day laborers, thieves or both.

Seriously this infuriates me to no end.. the people providing the study material are suppose to be teachers and know about the ...

OneWhoDoubts 02/16/2013

Smartass teacher, probably. Wanted to make his students laugh.

Or is an idiot.

Mexiflan 02/15/2013

Yay for the imperfect tense

marianyoung 02/15/2013

When keeping it real goes wrong.

robotizer 02/15/2013

TIL: 12 Year-olds rob cars in LA.

firmness 02/16/2013

Yeah, who gets nervous at midnight?

Wheatiez 02/15/2013

Using the "imperfect" tense for a non perfect person.

nonsocialengineer 02/15/2013

The first one is wrong, it should be, "cuando robe mi primer carro." The way they have it, it is just, "when I stole the first car". So, it could be the first car of many, who knows.

We use coche in mexico all the time, most people in mexico city do. In the more rural places, you hear them say, "carro" or "troca" (which is one of dem merikan trucks).

AnEmortalKid 02/15/2013

You must learn castilian spanish and don't learn latin spanish.

solbad03 02/16/2013


UNionized 02/16/2013

My Chinese text book was like this. We had sentences like. "Father doesn't come home until very late. Mother want's a divorce" and "Loan sharks are scary people, they really like money"

SerCiddy 02/16/2013

what is this actually a picture of?

matthatter82 02/15/2013

Learned more about how to say "car" in Spanish from this thread than a year of hs Spanish class.

meantamrajean 02/16/2013

photoshopped. Is obvious.

DtownAndOut 02/16/2013

Well the second sentence has nothing to do with the weather. It means it's been a while since I was arrested. Weather would be like, estaba lloviendo cuando me arrestaron. It was raining when they arrested me. Pft, terrible.

danuki 02/15/2013

I know! They should be using the pretirite

blackflag6 02/16/2013

Accurate ones. /racism

TomLube 02/16/2013

common ones from southern californina/new mexican penetentiaries.

HarveyTBirdman 02/16/2013

Because of another thread on reddit, the corner of my browser where the quicksearch is says 'convict conditioning'.

SMTRodent 02/16/2013

You obviously don't live in SoCal... These sentences make sense...

MrRecon 02/16/2013

Assuming this isn't just some racist prick teacher trying to be funny, my guess is that it comes from ESL materials targeted at a prison population. Why not target vocabulary and situations that would be familiar to such students? Source: I write English language learning textbooks.

kemushi_warui 02/16/2013

Probably just intended to be funny sentences to keep students interested. But we can pretend it's racist since we like outrage.

DefaultGen 02/16/2013

How do I reach these keedz?

TheAlbionKing 02/16/2013

I guess they've got a lot of crime in spain...

noman2561 02/16/2013


funkarama 02/16/2013

The first sentence is not right.

Correct and natural way to say this would be "Tenía 12 años cuando robé mi primer carro" . That's how you would put it, unless you are referring to a list of "carros" (slang for cars), which I doubt is the context, hence you would use "mi" (my first car) and not "el" (the first car).

CleanBill 02/16/2013

Brought to you by the NRA foreign affairs consultant.

[deleted] 02/16/2013

Imperfect examples.

Changoleo 02/16/2013

I'm spaniard and I can confirm this is a good summar of our culture.


Zerete 02/16/2013

Stereotypes, stereotypes everywhere... now half of the kids in mcdonalds (u.s.) think we stole at 12 :(

sebas_first 02/16/2013

My grandpa used to be a customs officer in Miami in the 1970s and going though his stuff I found about four pages of phrases in Spanish with an English translation, and they were all stuff like

"Do you have any drugs"

"Where is your gun"

"Where are you hiding the drugs"

Dookiestain_LaFlair 02/16/2013

This looks like imperfect signal words like "Pwater"

SkorpionKlobb 02/16/2013

¡Tengo un perro en mis pantallones!

Rosenkrantz_ 02/16/2013

Stereotypical ones.

Subliminill1 02/16/2013

I find it a relief to know that '12' in Spanish is still '12' in English. That's going to save me a whole lot of time if all of the numbers are the same!

handen 02/16/2013

Well if we had more context then a couple of sentences I'm guessing it has to do with some sort of story.

insanikills 02/16/2013

Why the fuck are they using Comic Sans?

Volun 02/16/2013

They are based of Puerto Ricans


Haaaaah, subtle racism

TheAsianTroll 02/16/2013