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I hate waking up before my girlfriend and seeing her morning wood.

Kwaugh96 09/19/2012

Cat? Check Penis? Check Girlfriend? Check Gif? Check

Successful post? Check

yogurtshwartz 09/19/2012

Weeners wobble, but they don't fall down.

(in the morning)

SwedishChef727 09/19/2012

Your girlfriend wakes up before you?! I'm lucky if mine wakes up in time for lunch...

JayDee240 09/19/2012

Bestiality is wrong.

GroupDrink 09/19/2012

lol. true story, my ex started to suck my morning wood while i was asleep and said "how come you didn't cum?"

answer? i still dont know.

FrontalPR 09/19/2012

Damn dude! You need to get that checked out. My dick doesn't rotate like that.

kslatin 09/19/2012

I make a point to press that shit against my girlfriends back/ass first thing in the morning.

gocougs11 09/19/2012

I hope your girlfriend is declawed.

motor_boating_SOB 09/19/2012

When my girlfriend wakes up before me, I wake up to a blowjob. BEST. FEELING. EVER.

joerant 09/19/2012

Your girlfriend is adorable. And fuzzy.

canafominux 09/19/2012

The GIF cuts right before the cat bites it in half.

bawwsicle 09/19/2012

Don't you wish it was more like this

SquatandPoot 09/19/2012

My boyfriend just told me today not to do that... >.< he hates it! Sometimes I'd "rape" him and he just doesn't even react lol.

oOBUBBLEOo 09/19/2012


[deleted] 09/19/2012

You forgot the part where you wake up, she realizes that you've realized she's playing with your dick... and gets up and walks away. Such a damned tease in the morning...

wvboltslinger40k 09/19/2012

Lucky. Married seven years and I don't think the wife even remembers morning wood exists.

savagemick 09/19/2012

We can't help it! It's like cat nip!

lexicological 09/19/2012

Yeah, I wish my girlfriend licked her lips after touching it too.

Honey_Cheese 09/19/2012

You mean when you wake up and you wish you had a girlfriend to see your morningwood?

nottalentedduh 09/19/2012

I actually found out, during REM sleep a man has erections throughout the night. Something to do with the blood flow while sleeping.

I do like waking up and feeling for a boner.

Ebby86 09/19/2012

Its funny because you are implying your girlfriend is a pussy

Harutinator 09/19/2012

That is the cutest kitten I have ever seen.

joshman196 09/19/2012

Sorry to hear you have alien hand syndrome

shirtface 09/19/2012

If you would like to know more on the subject of morning wood.

t_base 09/19/2012

Oh Allen...

Snomis 09/19/2012

This is actually quite accurate.

LadyTinuviel 09/19/2012

I don't have a girlfriend (hey, I'm on reddit), but this applies to me and my own wood.

New_High_Score 09/19/2012

It's all good, unless you wake her up by poking her in the head with it. The wife seemed taken aback by that for some reason.

Betanut 09/19/2012

Y'all talking about me?

sudden_morning_wood 09/19/2012

I'm so lonely.

cor315 09/19/2012

I wish my boyfriend lets me touch his morning wood SIGH

spippy 09/19/2012

"Baby, when you said you wanted to bat my shit around more often, I didn't think..."

s00p3r 09/20/2012

Am I the only one who never gets morning wood?

[deleted] 09/19/2012

i love how the cat even licks it's lips.

daratpaintbll 09/19/2012

Nice try forever alone guy.

[deleted] 09/19/2012

Does she lick her lips like that too??

spicymonkey13 09/19/2012

why does you girlfriend get a cat to touch your morning wood?

Carefree_CFC 09/19/2012

Does she...does she dig her claws in?

bingeverything 09/19/2012

U soooo lucky.

KennedyRules6 09/19/2012

You might have just ruined kittens for me.

fundip_ 09/19/2012

I do this to the bf while he is AWAKE. That shit is hilarious.

hellohaley 09/20/2012

I sincerely hope she licks her lips after batting your morning wood.

DarkDyer 09/20/2012

I like how the kitty sticks his tongue out

Makes it that much better

sexyhamster89 09/20/2012


sorepheet 09/20/2012

When I was in a relationship my favorite thing to do with my boyfriends morning wood was to pretend I was rally racing. Extremely entertaining..... for me.

Uni_Boober 09/20/2012

Bitches love morning wood.

YSCapital 09/20/2012

Your girlfriend looks cuddly, and illegal.

Jumpin_Jack_Flash 09/20/2012

So very jealous....

q1014 09/20/2012

weird question but what are these toys called? my cats would love them

Trevsweb 09/20/2012