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Finally caught a shiny

fullmetal21 10/19/2012

Age | User | Title | Reddit | Cmnt | Points :--|:--|:--|:--|:--|:-- 2 months | cwowtittybang | Albino Zebra "Golden Zebra" | here | 22 | 655 4 months | loamoku | Only one in Captivity, A golden Zebra ...

SimilarImage 10/18/2012

The title seems to imply there might be unknown captive golden zebras.

What, like a supervillain's private zoo?

Bunny_ball_ball 10/19/2012

Zoe is a really easy name to give a zebra. Y'all muthafuckas need creativity.

TheBlankVerseKit 10/19/2012

Do we have to repost this every few weeks?

Kelnon 10/19/2012

And she has blue eyes? That's amazing.

I_Upvoted_You_Anyway 10/18/2012

Not sure why every person who commented in this thread is at 0, aside from the bot...

Hudek 10/19/2012

hmmm, According to a comment from one of the many times this has been posted: Yup, the only one

I know they aren't captive, but why not capture one to breed with? and then put all of 'em in the wild again.

darknesspk89 10/19/2012

She looks so sad

likeasexyboss 10/19/2012

That darn animal is beautiful. More info on it here

bellonium 10/18/2012

Why didn't they just leave it in the wild to bread. This thing is like the first blond girl with big boobs of zebras.

bbq_doritos 10/19/2012

My favorite animal even more amazing.

SkrappyLoc 10/18/2012

Wait, is it the only CAPTIVE one known? Or the ONLY one known and it's captive? Because if it's the latter, that kind of sucks...

Jschatt 10/19/2012

wow, i can't believe... i've seen 3 of these in like 3 months... on REDDIT

jotan82 10/18/2012

I'd eat that.

urbn 10/19/2012

Woo shiny zebra!

Plexicraft 10/19/2012

Downvoting this because it's such a recent repost it's still me iPad's lock screen.

lindsifer 10/19/2012

Well she is something! but what's all those daddy long legs around her nose though?

MYDOGSTELLA 10/18/2012

Would be awkward if they had another golden zebra in captivity and they didn't know about it.

Xynrai 10/19/2012

I like how you put "known in existence" as if we wouldn't know about another captive one.

Senor_Wilson 10/19/2012

Is it an albino?

opmt 10/19/2012


[deleted] 10/19/2012

Maybe is meat taste a bit like caramel.

Wagosh 10/18/2012

Zebra in its shining form

riseofr1ce 10/19/2012

It looks so sad.

That being said, god damn there's a lot of down votes in this thread.

DCBizzle 10/19/2012

Super rare pokemon!

Mesozoic 10/19/2012

tbh it looks like its mother was low on toner.

Airwarf 10/19/2012

Wonder what it tastes like?

HeyAndrewItsMeMitch 10/19/2012

I've seen this repost at least 3 times now with the same shiny pokemon joke the top comment each time.

IM_CASTOR_TROY 10/19/2012

You mean Arian Zebra?

badbandit 10/19/2012

The only captive golden Zebra known in existence ?

Sorry, couldn't they just phone around all the other zoos, and ask if they have one too ?

daveime 10/19/2012

Awesome animal. Blue eyed zebra who knew?

Manatee31 10/19/2012

Dem eyes.....

codr 10/19/2012

I have golden zebra in my house! here

Chezzabe 10/19/2012

His name should be Zeus imo... he's clearly a god in disguise.

reasonableposter 10/19/2012

Looks thrilled.

daned 10/19/2012

dem eyes

towbot 10/19/2012

It's the only captive one; but, there are millions of free ones.

whosbloodisthat 10/19/2012

this reminds me of dictator movie

hexc2o 10/19/2012

"The only captive golden Zebra known in existence."

Just think of all the captive Golden Zebra's we don't know about!

Yup44882 10/19/2012

The one time I find a shiny I'm out of pok├ęballs :(

NorsemanFromTheNorth 10/19/2012

How is this rare when I see it on reddit every other day.

theRAGE 10/19/2012

I'm sorry but it looks like you didn't even bother to change the link to this. It was already purple for me .

anisenayati 10/19/2012

I swear to god we're never going to see the end of this repost

porygon21 10/19/2012

Bitch, it's fabulous

baconfarmer 10/19/2012

Something about the title might need some re-wording. Edit: It sounds a little cruel, but "Zoe, the only golden zebra known in existance, lives in captivity."

MSN420 10/19/2012

I didn't know zebras have beards

atiustirawa 10/19/2012

It needs shavin!

coolboy20062 10/19/2012

Wait, is this like the black lion?

[deleted] 10/19/2012

She/He looks tired..

Eminn 10/19/2012

[When all the zebras are gone we will have this to remember them ...

neversleeps84 10/19/2012

Is she sad? She looks sad :(

Netzaj 10/19/2012

Those eyes...

Bozosaurus 10/19/2012

Caught the hipster.

secretlakr 10/19/2012

Very majestic, deep blue eyes

8938colby 10/19/2012

That's no Golden Zebra, that's a Zorse!

DasPossum 10/19/2012

she looks sad

EL337 10/19/2012

For shame!!

w8tnhere 10/19/2012

Does anyone know what Zoe actually is? Is she some sort of horse-zebra hybrid or does she have some sort of amelanism?

ecklcakes 10/19/2012

Golden Zebra is not impressed.

billin 10/19/2012

I want one.

moral_orel 10/19/2012

OMG I have never seen this before.

svivvty 10/19/2012

So Thr3e Wise Men out of Indy has a beer named "Golden Zoe." Now I get it - I think.

rblue 10/19/2012

He looks so happy

BrooksWasHere1 10/19/2012

I saw a white gorilla once. His name was Snowflake.

shibalover19 10/19/2012

This shit again? It was only like a month before the last time this was posted for fucks sake.

Shroudedinlies 10/19/2012

I heard captive Zebras are endangered. We better capture some more.

compoundsyntax 10/19/2012

And she looks thrilled.

bw1870 10/19/2012

She looks old. And sad. Poor thing.

EcstaticObsessive 10/19/2012

The only captive golden zebra known in existence? Poor guy. Maybe there are millions not in captivity, and the rest of them could just run faster.

callmeveej 10/19/2012

Golden Oreo!

pers0n334 10/19/2012

Now I just want some shitty gum that loses its flavor in 4 chews. Thanks!

sbowtor 10/19/2012

Zoe, lord of the Zebra

[deleted] 10/19/2012

I die a little on the inside every time I see this same exact fucking picture reposted. OP, you cold of at least gotten a different picture.

[deleted] 10/19/2012

Kill it and smelt it for its gold.

accordion 10/19/2012

queen of the zebras?

AltairsBlade 10/19/2012

Couldn't they have given her a cooler name?

BowjaDaNinja 10/19/2012

Makes me crave some fruit stripe gum

circus_snatch 10/19/2012


Verbose_Slayer 10/19/2012

She's gorgeous!

dearbooboo 10/19/2012

Anyone else wondering what golden zebra burgers taste like?

[deleted] 10/19/2012

I barely ever go on /r/pics and I know this is a repost

Jungle_Soraka 10/19/2012

Scroll down on this article;


Pretty sure she's not the only one.

goslowly_ 10/19/2012

I like that this is re-posted, now I don't feel so guilt for not going to the zoo.

Polluxo 10/19/2012

He's a... a Super Saiyan!

defenestrator828 10/19/2012